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Trivia, Holidays and Horoscope

July 13th Holidays

July 13th Horoscope Sign is Cancer

zodiac word cards - cancer

Time period: June 21 – July
Element: Water
Ruling planet: Moon
Symbol: Crab
Birthstones: Moonstone, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
Personality Traits: Loyal, creative, imaginative, manipulative.
Famous Cancers: Selena Gomez, Elon Musk, Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, George Michael, Nikola Tesla, M1698 – Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine.alala Yousafzai,

Ken Jeong March 2015

July 13th Trivia

  • 1863 – New York City draft riots: In New York City, opponents of conscription begin three 1890 Young Man Afraid of His Horses anagoria IMG 5648of rioting which men showed how upset they were about being drafted to the Civil War.
  • 1893 – Young Man Afraid of His Horses, American tribal chief and  negotiator for the Sioux Nation passes away after falling from his horse while suffering either a stroke or heart attack.
  • 1905 – Magda Foy, American child actress in the silent film era was born.
  • 1956 – The Dartmouth workshop is the first conference on artificial intelligence.
  • 1969 – Ken Jeong, American actor, comedian, and physician was born.
  • 1977 – New York City experiences an electrical blackout which affected every area except Queens, lasting nearly 24 hours that leads to widespread fires and looting.
  • 2016 – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron resigns, and is succeeded by Theresa May.

July Monthly Observances

Thank you to our sources for info and graphics: CheckidayWiki, and Pixabay.

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