April 16th Holidays, Horoscopes and History

All About April 16th

Holidays, Horoscope and History 

Welcome to Time for the Holidays! Today we will discuss the history behind today’s daily holidays and observances, We will talk about the trias of ahoroscope sign Aries. And we will ist today’s historical evens, random trivia and famous birthdays.


April 16th Holidays

Every day has several holidays that most people don’t even know about! Here is today’s list of quirky holidays!

Zodiac Sign for April 16th is Aries

  • If you were born today on April 16th then you are an Aries.
  • your personality is defined by your fun loving, optimistic and generous nature.
  • You love new experiences
  • Time period: March 20 – April 20
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Symbol: Ram
  • Zodiac quality: Cardinal
  • Birthstones: Topaz, Heliotrope, Sapphire, Jasper, Aquamarine, Diamond
  • Famous Aries: Lady Gaga, Hugh Hefner, Jackie Chan, Leonard Da Vinci

April 16th Trivia

A list of today’s historical events, famous birthdays, pop songs and movies.

  • 1818 – The US Senate ratifies the Rush–Bagot Treaty, establishing the border with Canada.
  • 1881 – Bat Masterson fights his last gun battle In Dodge City, Kansas,
  • 1889 – Charlie Chaplin, English Comic and actor was born in Walworth, London, United Kingdom.
  • 1908 – Natural Bridges National Monument is established in Utah.
  • 1919 – Mahatma Gandhi organizes a day of “prayer and fasting” after  the killing of Indian protesters in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre by the British colonial troops.

    Natural Bridges National Monument
  • 1940 – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was born.
  • 1941 –  The Italian-German Tarigo convoy is attacked and destroyed by British ships in World War II.
  • 1947 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player was born in New York, NY.
  • 1954 – Ellen Barkin, American actress was born in  The Bronx, New York, NY.
  • 1965 – Martin Lawrence, Comedian was born in  Frankfurt, Germany.
  • 1971 – Selena, American singer-songwriter was born in Lake Jackson, TX.
  • 1990 – “Doctor Death”, Jack Kevorkian, participates in his first assisted suicide.
  • 2015 – News reporting that  Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez convicted of first-degree murder.
  • 2018 – Harry Laverne Anderson, actor and magician best know for playing Judge Harry Stone on the television series Night Court passed away.

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