January 30th Holidays, Observances and Historical Events

what happened on january 30th

January 30th Holidays and Observances

Everyday is full of things to celebrate or observe. See what is on the list for today, January 30th.

  • National Croissant Day:
    How to Celebrate: Eat a delicious buttery croissant today.
    In 1683, the Turkish Empire went into a battle with Vienna, Austria. The Turks made underground tunnels to try to win but were caught when the bakers of Vienna, who worked in the basement storerooms, heard the sound of digging and alerted the cities army. The bakers received high honors a for their assistance in outwitting the Turks. In celebration, the bakers started to  bake their bread in the shape of a crescent croissant day january 30moon which was the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. After winning this battled  it became custom for the Austrians to serve crescent-shaped pastry for breakfast. Over one hundred years later, Marie Antoinette introduced the pastry to the French who named it the “croissant”.
  • National Escape Day: 
    How to Celebrate: Get away, go on a trip. Call in to work. Do something to pamper yourself.
  • National Inane Answering Message Day:
    How to Celebrate:
    Get rid of your boring voicemail message. Liven it up with a song or silly message!
  • School Day of Non-violence and Peace
    Hoe to Celebrate:
    Schools teach children “universal love.’ How to prevent wars, spreading awareness of other cultures and celebrating life.
    History of: Celebrated on the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, in schools all over the world.
  • Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
    How to Observe:
    Yodel to your neighbors! Join a yodeling contest. Learn how to yodel, take a class or just watch the video below. 🙂

January 30th Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

  • Date range: January 20 – February 18
  • Element: Air,
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Color: Light-Blue, Silver
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Personality Traits: Humanitarian, original, likes to be right, argumentative
  • Famous Aquariuses;   Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston,  Emma Roberts,  Denise Richards,

    Princess Charlene of Monaco, Shakira, Mischa Barton, Natalie Imbruglia, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys,  Abraham Lincoln, Galileo Galilei, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan, James Dean,

Historical Events that Happened on January 30th

  • 1882:  Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President of the United States was born.
  • 1933:  January 30, President Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany.
  • 1941: 46th Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney was born.
  • 1945: During World War II the “Wilhelm Gustloff” was sunk by a Soviet submarine causing  9,400 people to die.
  • 1951: Phil Collins, singer/songwriter was born. Happy Birthday Phil!
  • 1969:  The Beatles give their last public performance on the rooftop of the Apple Corps building at 3 Savile Row in London.
  • 1972: On “Bloody Sunday”, British troops kill 13 unarmed protesters
  • 1982: 15 year old Richard Skrenta released the first computer virus called,  “into the wild”
    as a practical joke.
  • 2017: President Trump signed another executive order at the White House this morning, this one reportedly to address regulations.
  • 2017: Mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, called  a “terrorist attack on Muslims.”

what happened on january 30th

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