Holiday List for February 29th

Bachelor’s Day
International Underlings Day
Leap Day
National Surf and Turf Day

  • Bachelor’s Day a tradition on leap day’s of allowing women to initiate dances and propose marriage. Men and women  can switch roles on this day.
  • International Underlings Day was created in 1984 by Peter D. Morris. It can be unofficially recognized on either Feb 28 or March 1 on non-leap years and is always recognized on February 29 during a leap year. This is an annual celebration for everyone who is neither a boss nor professional assistant. Facebook Page/Twitter
  • Leap Day: Calendar years have 365 days, but really a complete revolution around the Sun  takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. An extra 24 hours thus accumulates every four years, requiring that an extra calendar day be added to align the calendar with the Sun’s apparent position.  How leap year babies celebrate their birthdays
  • National Surf and Turf Day:  National Surf and Turf Day is a food holiday that is celebrated in the US usually by preparing dishes with a combo of steak and lobster or shrimp. For unknown reasons the date picked for this holidays is February 29, which is Leap Year Day. The celebration is only celebrated every four years.

Insomniac Kitchen on Surf and Turf Day

Chicago Steak Company - Two Free Cold Water Lobster Tails on orders $99+

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