Anti-Cancer Revolution

Anti-Cancer Revolution

The Anti-Cancer Revolution Online Summit

Register here to listen to the free online presentation, “The Anti-Cancer Revolution,”  to learn from the world’s top natural healing experts, integrative doctors and naturopathic oncologists.

You will learn natural ways to support your fight against cancer using nutrition, oils, homeopathy, cellular detox, fasting, ozone therapy, botanical chemo, hyperbarics, epigenetics and more!

The Anti-Cancer Revolution is for  for all who need to supplement conventional approaches with natural methods, for all who want an entirely natural approach, for all who are frustrated by the lack of options, especially the side effects and relapses.

Host, Ryan Sternagel, received devastating news for his son’s first birthday: stage IV cancer. His family was already living what they considered a “healthier than average” life: good food, active, happy. Ryan deeply researched the disease and how to protect his son from the damage of conventional treatments. Ultimately, they shifted every aspect of their lives to remove the cause. Now, he’ll share what he has learned from the world’s natural health and healing community!

To Listen to the Free Online Summit Register Here

Anti-Cancer Revolution

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