Virtual Birthday Parties

Throw an Online Birthday Party!

In this day and age of pandemics like flus and Coronavirus, many parents are wondering how they will be able to throw a birthday party for their child. One way we thought of was to throw a cyber birthday party! You can hook up through facetime or live Facebook events to do this!

Just create an event on Facebook. Pick a date and time and send invitations out to your family, friends and loved ones. Let people know ahead of time so they can send cards, gifts and attend your online party! They can watch your child open their cards and gifts or do some type of fun online games with everyone safely from home!

This is a time of change and I’m sure your child will remember this party forever and it will be a story they tell their children.

Virtual Birthday Party Invitation Postcards

Virtual Birthday Party invitation PostcardVirtual Birthday Party invitation Postcard

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