What are these Biting Bugs this Summer?

no see ums, biting midges, black flies

Biting Midges? Gnats? Black Flies? No-See-Ums?

What are these bugs biting me?

Does anyone else notice  you can’t sit outside anymore without getting bit by these seemingly invisible gnat like bugs that leave humongous welts? What are they? Does anyone know? I live in Wisconsin and have never noticed these bites before.

I  have found a couple articles about black flies, midges and gnats in the Midwest so maybe that’s it. But where did they come from? This is the first year I have really noticed them.

Does anyone react with big welts that last a week and itch like crazy too? I look like I have a swollen Lymph Node on the side of my jaw where something bit me. I was only outside for like two minutes and came in with about five bites that have all turned into welts now.

These are the articles I found but nothing says for sure or shows a picture of these bugs.


Organic Insect Repellents

Let us know if any of these have worked for you against these bites.

Best Insect Repellents for Summer!

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