5 Fun Baby Shower Games to Play

5 Fun Baby Shower Games to Play

Yay, you are planning a baby shower! It’s so exciting to know there is a little one on the way! Planning a baby shower is fun but can be very stressful also, trying to get everything just right for the mom to be!

One of the things you can do to add some fun into your baby shower is playing games. Here is a couple games you can play that will add some laughs to your party!

1. Baby Shower BINGO

This game is so fun and can be enjoyed by all! Just hand out cards to all your guests along with a pen or pencil. The BINGO cards will be blank. Ask the guests to fill out each square by writing a guess what gifts the mom to be will get. As she opens her gifts, the guests can mark off the squares they guessed right. The first one to call out BINGO by getting any straight line, wins a prize!

2, Diaper Pin Game

This game is nice and easy. As guests arrive hand them a diaper  pin to pin onto their shirt. Each time someone says the word, “baby,” they lose their pin. The last guest wearing their pin gets a prize.

3.  How Well Do you know Mommy Game

Another fun game is, “How well do you know Mom?”  This game comes with a set of cards that you hand out to guests. Set a timer for three minutes and let them try to answer the questions about the mom to be. Whoever gets the most right, wins!

4. The Dirty Diaper Game

When guests arrive have them pick out a diaper. At some point during the baby shower ask each guest to open their diaper. Whoever has the “dirty” diaper wins. This game will include some diapers with brown fabric that looks like poop.

5. Diaper Raffle Ticket Game

When you send out the baby shower invitations, include a “diaper raffle ticket” in the invitation. Each guest that brings a package of diapers as a gift can sign their name on the raffle ticket. During the party, pull a name and that guest wins a prize.

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