5 Ways to make Money Online

Making Money Online Tips

If you are looking for a way to earn a quick few bucks a month to supplement your regular income or to enable yourself to work from home, here are some ways. 

easy ways to make money online

  1. Monetize your Blog: You can add ads onto your blog using Google Adsense. You can paid small amounts for each click on your blog and get paid monthly. Visit Google Adsense Here.
  2. Swag Bucks: Take surveys, play games and do daily polls on Swag Bucks. Earn points then turn them in for gift cards. To Sign up Click Here
  3. Amazon Associates: Join this program to put links and banners to Amazon products  on your websites and blogs and earn commissions. Payout is monthly. Join Here.
  4. CJ Affiliatess: Join this program to get banner and product links to add to your website or blog and get monthly commissions. Join Here.
  5. Zazzle: Show off your art and photography skills! Design your own tshirts, coffee mugs, invitations,  cards, signs and posters on Zazzle. Get started by clicking the banner below.Make It Your Own

Personally I have used all of these. I have had the better luck with some then others. I don’t think any of them will make you a millionaire over night but all are worth trying.

Swag bucks is great if you have a couple minutes a day to watch videos or answer surveys. It is slow building up points but when you do, you turn them in for gift cards. I do all the daily simple activities on a daily basis then when I have a little more time or really want to build up points I turn to the surveys which are the biggest point maker, next to shopping through the Swag Bucks links. Definitely shop through the Swag buck links to earn points for things you were going to buy anyways! This routine will get you a $25 gift certificate here and there. I like to get Amazon gift cards since you can get pretty much anything on there.
Click Here to Give it a Try!

Zazzle is fun and lets you be creative. Especially if you consider yourself an artist or photographer and have folders of art and photos sitting in your desktop folders. Just slap them on some tshirts and posters and see if others like your work too! I do pretty good on Zazzle, again not a millionaire status but it gest your an extra $50 – $100 a month. Have some fun with it, be creative! There is so much you can make such as shirts, leggings, key chains, coffee mugs, posters, canvas prints, skateboards, invitations, cards, purses, backpacks, bumper stickers along with many personalized items.
Click Here to Give it a Try

Amazon Associates is one of my favorites. If you have a blog or website then this may be an easy way for you to make some extra cash each month. You get a commission for everything you sell. As you sell more the commission gets higher. Just join the program and then you can get links to any item you see on Amazon pretty much. You just post these links on your website or blog and if people click on them and buy them, you get a percentage.
Join Here

CJ Affliates I had a harder time making money. It works on the same premise as Amazon. You post links from suppliers that have approved you, on your sites and you earn a commission. I am not sure if I do better with Amazon because it’s just more well known and trusted or if because the products are very relevant to my blogs but I didn’t have much luck with CJ but I would not let that deter you from trying it. Join Here

So if you have a way of making money online we would like to hear about it.

Tell us your tips for making money online in the comments below!

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