Adorable Miniature Dollhouse Foods

Miniature Foods for Dollhouse and Barbies

Whether you are an avid dollhouse collector or just trying to find some fun little toys for your daughter to play with, these little miniatures are so adorable cute!  It makes you, even as an adult want to start collecting and make a display!

1:12 Baking Bread Egg Flour Cake Rolling Pin Set Cutting Board Kitchen Miniature

Miniature Happy Birthday Cake

Dollhouse Miniature Food Color Donut Ceramic Coffee Cup Plate Saucer 

Dollhouse Kits miniature 5 Food Realistic Barbie Collectibles

12 Coca Cola Bottles and Tray Dollhouse Miniature Food, Collectibles

Dollhouse Sushi Set with Sushi Tray & Chopstick Miniature Fake Food 1:12 Scale

4 Set Of Red Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Miniature Dollhouse 1:12

DollHouse Miniatures Food Cakes 9 Mixed Color Mini Flower Cake 1.5cm 

Odoria® 6 Wine Bottles 1:12 Juice Dining Drink For Kitchen Miniature

DollsHouse Miniatures Food Mixed Sausage Pizza Pan 8 Cuts Slices

Food Square Box Filled with Chocolates 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature

Dollhouse Miniatures Food 4 Butter Syrup Waffle Dessert Ceramic Plate

Blueberry Cream Pie On Tin Pan Tray Dollhouse Miniature Food Bakery Cake

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