All About August 28th

All About August 28th

Holidays, Horoscope and Trivia

August 28th Holidays

August 28th Zodiac Sign is a Virgo

Dates: August 23 – September 22

Symbol: Maiden Virgin

Horoscope Sign Virgo Magnet

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Colord: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Personality Traits:  Very hard working and very loyal. Perfectionist to a fault, can be critical of others.

Famous Virgos:  Michael Jackson, Paul Walker, Cameron Diaz, Mother Theresa, Stephen King, Warren Buffet, John McCain, Leo Tolstoy, Van Morrison. Chandra Wilson, Aaron Paul.

August 28th Trivia

  • 1609 – Henry Hudson, 17th century sea explorer, discovers Delaware Bay.ShaniaTwain1
  • 1845 – The first issue of Scientific American magazine is published.
  • 1913 – Queen Wilhelmina opens the Peace Palace in The Hague.
  • 1916 – World War I: Italy declares war on Germany.
  • 1955 – Teen African-American, Emmett Till is murdered in Mississippi, starting the nascent civil rights movement.
  • 1963 – The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. gives his I Have a Dream speech.
  • 1964 – The Philadelphia race riot begins.
  • 1966 – Shania Twain, Canadian country singer was born in Windsor, Canada.
  • 1969 – Jack Black, comedian, actor and singer was born in  Santa Monica, CA.
  • 1969 – Jason Priestley, actor known for his role in Beverly Hill 90210 was born in , Vancouver, Canada
  • 1982 – LeAnn Rimes, country singer was born in Jackson, MS.
  • 1990 – An F5 tornado strikes the Illinois cities of Plainfield and Joliet, killing 29 people. Chadwick Boseman by Gage Skidmore July 2017 (cropped)
  • 1993 – The Galileo spacecraft discovers a moon, later named Dactyl, around 243 Ida, the first known asteroid moon.
  • 2020 – U.S. Marshals say they found 39 missing children in Georgia during two-week operation. [CBS News]
  • 2020 – Chadwick Boseman, ‘Black Panther’ Star, Dies at 43.  [Variety]

Thank you to our sources for info and graphics: Checkiday, Wiki and Pixabay.


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