All About December 1st – Holidays, Horoscope and History

All About December 1st

Holidays, Horoscope and Trivia

Hello everybody! Thanks for stopping by Time for the Holidays! Today we will go over everything related to December 1st. We will start by listing the days funny holidays, observances and the history behind them. Then we will move on to the horoscope sign for the day which is Sagittarius and the traits of that. Then we will list the day’s history, famous birthdays, popular songs and movies throughout the years, inventions, discoveries and other fun trivia, maybe even some dark history. Hope you find something interesting. If it’s your birthday, then Happy Birthday!

December 1st Holidays

  • Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day
    December 1st, this day encourages you to get yourself into the eye doctor for an exam. Keep your eyes healthy and your vision un-blurry! Thomas and Ruth Roy at created Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day.
  • Civil Air Patrol Day
    December 1st – Learn the history of Civil Air Patrol here:
  • Day Without Art
    On December 1st we mourn those we lost to the AIDS crisis. This day was  put together by artists and writers around the world to remember the victims of Aids. Learn more at
  • Eat a Red Apple Day
    December 1st. An apple a day helps keeps the doctor away so today, do just that! If only it was that easy right? Well, eat one anyways. Apples are said to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure and are a good source of fiber.
  • National Christmas Lights Day
    It’s December 1st and Christmas is around the corner, so time to get up those lights! Did you know that electric Christmas lights were invented in 1880 by Thomas Edison? He strung them all over the outside of his Menlo Park laboratory. It took quite awhile for them to catch on to the public. Several years later in  1903, General Electric began selling them and they finally caught on. Nowadays, most towns are lit up with pretty twinkling red, green, blue and yellow lights to celebrate the holidays! Learn more about Thomas Edison and his Christmas Lights invention here:
  • National Pie Day
    Today, December 1st is National Pie Day, so here os a recipe for Classic Apple Pie to help you get started, since aftercall it is Eat an Apple Day too!
  • Rosa Parks Day
    Celebrated on both February 4th or December 1st.. Rosa Parks Day is a holiday in honor of the civil rights leader Rosa Parks, celebrated on her birthday, February 4, and on the day she was arrested, December 1.  
  • Wear a Dress Day
    Another holiday that happens twice a year is Wear a Dress Day. This is celebrated on June 1st and December 1st to just encourage everybody to dress up today and go out and have some fun!
  • World AIDS Day
    World AIDS Day, designated on 1 December every year since 1988, is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and mourning those who have died of the disease. Learn more at

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December 1st Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

See who you are compatible with, what your colors are, what personality traits you might have and which famous celebrities share your Zodiac sign.

If you were born today then you are a Sagittarius.Sagittarius Postcard

Time period: November 22 – December 21
Element: Fire
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Archer
Birthstones: Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon, Citrine
Famous Sagittariuses:  Scarlett Johansson, Hailey BaldwinJaime Lee Curtis, Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus, Bill Nye, Bruce Lee,  Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Ozzy Osborne, Nostradamus, Walt Disney, Woody Allen and Mark Twain.

Cyber Week 2018

What do these Celebrities all have in Common?

BetteMidler90croppedJanelle Monáe in 2016Richard Pryor 1969Maker unknown, Mexican - Portrait of the Reverend Mother María Antonia de Rivera - Google Art ProjectZoe Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz at the 25th Spirit Awards (cropped)Sarah Silverman DNC July 2016

December 1st Trivia

Famous Birthdays, Historical Events

  • 1824 – In the US  presidential election neither candidate received a majority of the total electoral college votes in the election, in which case the United States House of Representatives was  given the task of deciding the winner in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Rosa Parks being fingerprinted by Deputy Sheriff D.H. Lackey after being arrested for boycotting public transportation - Original
  • 1834 – Slavery is abolished in the Cape Colony in accordance with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.
  • 1913 – Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line.
  • 1926 – Mother Antonia, American-Mexican nun and activist who worked in high security prisons was born.
  • 1935 – Woody Allen, American director waws born in Brooklyn, New York City, NY.
  • 1940 – Richard Pryor, American stand-up comedian and actor was born in Peoria, Il.
  • 1945 – Bette Midler, American singer-songwriter and actress was born in Honolulu, Hi.
  • 1952 – The New York Daily News reports the news of Christine Jorgensen, the first notable case of sex reassignment surgery.
  • 1955 –  In Montgomery, Alabama, seamstress Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat to a white man and is arrested for violating the city’s racial segregation laws, an incident which leads to that city’s bus boycott.
  • 1960 – Paul McCartney and Pete Best are arrested (and later deported) World Aids Day December 1st Button from Hamburg,after accusations of attempted arson.
  • 1960 – The #1 song on the Billboard Charts was, “Are You Lonesome To-night?,” by  Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires.
  • 1970 – Sarah Silverman, American stand-up comedian was born in Bedford, NH.
  • 1977 – Pinwheel is launched, which is known now as Nickelodeon.
  • 1982 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts is,  “Truly,”  by Lionel Richie.
  • 1985 – Janelle Monáe, American singer-songwriter and LGBTQIA activist was born in Kansas City, KS.
  • 1988 – World AIDS Day was proclaimed worldwide by the UN member states.
  • 1988 – Zoë Kravitz, American actress was born in , Los Angeles, CA to Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz.
  • 1990 – Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 metres beneath the seabed.
  • 1992 – On the Top 40 Billboard Charts the #1 song is, “How Do You Talk To An Angel,” by The Heights.
  • 2020 – Harry Styles appears on the December, 2020 issue of Vogue magazine becoming it’s first male solo star sparking conversation with his lacy dress.

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December Holidays and Observances

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