All About July 17th

All About July 17th

Holidays, Trivia and Horoscope

July 17th Holidays

  • National Peach Ice Cream Day
    As peaches peak in July, what a better time to celebrate peach ice cream! A perfect snack to cool off on a hot day!
  • National Tattoo Day
    The very first first tattoo shop opened in the U.S. belonged to Martin Hildebrandt, who started his business in New York City in 1846. He served as a soldier in the Army of the Potomac and was known for tattooing other soldiers and sailors, often as identification in case they were killed in action. Today, July 16th we celebrate the tattoo, the story behind it and the artist giving it.
  • World Day for International Justice
    World Day for International Justice, is an international day celebrated throughout the world on July 17th as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice. The date was chosen as July 17th 2002 was the date of the adoption of the treaty that created the International Criminal Court. In June 2010, at the Review Conference of the Rome Statute, the Assembly of State Parties decided to celebrate July 17th as the Day of International Criminal Justice.
  • World Emoji Day
    Happy Emoji Day! Today, on July 17th we celebrate the happy face, sad face, shocked face and all the other fun expressions emojis give us!
  • Wrong Way Corrigan Day
    National Wrong Way Corrigan Day on July 17th commemorates the transatlantic flight of an Irish-American stunt pilot from Galveston, Texas. Douglas Corrigan gained notoriety for an unplanned transatlantic flight to Ireland on July 17, 1938. Read his story here. 
  • Yellow Pigs Day
    National Yellow Pig Day on July 17th honors the unique attributes of the number 17 and its significance to mathematics. 

July 17th Horoscope Sign is Cancerzodiac word cards - cancer

Time period: June 21 – July
Element: Water
Ruling planet: Moon
Symbol: Crab
Birthstones: Moonstone, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
Personality Traits: Loyal, creative, imaginative, manipulative.
Famous Cancers: Selena Gomez, Elon Musk, Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, George Michael, Nikola Tesla, M1698 – Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine.alala Yousafzai,

July 17th Trivia

  • 1048 – Damasus II is elected pope.
  • 1902 – Willis Carrier creates the first air conditioner in Buffalo, New York.
  • 1917 – King George V issues a Proclamation stating that the male line descendaAngela Merkel Juli 2010 - 3zu4 (cropped)nts of the British Royal Family will bear the surname Windsor.
  • 1935 – Donald Sutherland, tv and movie actor, and father of Keifer Sutherland was born in Saint John, Canada.
  • 1947 – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was born in London, United Kingdom.
  • 1952 – David Hasselhoff, American actor was born in Baltimore, MD.
  • 1954 – Angela Merkel, German politician , research scientist and first female Chancellor of Germany  was born in Hamburg, Germany.
  • 1955 – Disneyland is dedicated and opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California.
  • 1981 – A structural failure leads to the collapse of a walkway at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, Missouri, killing 114 people and injuring more than 200.
  • 1989 – First flight of the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.
  • 2020 – John  Lewis, American politician and civil rights leader passes away at 80 from pancreatic cancer in Atlanta, GA. [CNN]


July Monthly Observances

Thank you to our sources for info and graphics: CheckidayWiki, and Pixabay.

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