All About June 8th


All About June 8th

Holidays, Horoscope and History

Welcome to Time for the Holidays! Today we will discuss the history behind today’s daily holidays. We will talk about June 8th’s horoscope traits. We will also list the day’s historical events, celebrity birthdays, pop culture songs and movies and other fun random trivia! 

June 8th Holidays & Observances

  • Best Friends Day
    On June 8th we celebrate and honor our best friends. Do something special, send them a card, give them a call, just do anything to let them know how special they are to you.
  • Betty Picnic Day
    June 8th is the day to celebrate everyone you know named Betty! Do you have a grandma Betty, a friend named Betty or maybe a celerity named Betty you admire? Let them know today! The story goes that Betty Wilder and Betty Patterson founded  The Betty Club in 1987 after wondering just how many Betty’s there were in their area. They posted flyers around town asking anyone named Betty to stop by their first Betty Picnic. And to their surprise many Betty’s from nearby and faraway showed up. The picnic was such a hit, it became an annual event. There is also a Betty Bingo and Betty Christmas party, too.
  • Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day
    National Jelly-Filled Donut Day MagnetJust n case National Donut Day wasn’t enough for you to get your fill, today June 8th is Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day! So run to your favorite bakery and stock up today! Learn more about Jelly-Filled Donut Day here.
  • Name Your Poison Day
    Have you ever walked into a bar and had the bartender ask you to name your poison? Well today we celebrate that question. So what is your poison?
  • National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
    June 8 is Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The goal of the annual observance is to educate Caribbean-Americans about HIV/AIDS and provide resources for HIV testing and treatment. Visit AETC to learn more.
  • Upsy Daisy Day
    Stephanie West Allen created National Upsy Daisy Day in 2003. Her desire in creating the celebration was to make humor, laughter, and a positive attitude part of the Upsy Daisy Day way.
  • World Brain Tumor Day
    June 8 is World Brain Tumour Day. The “Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V.” (German Brain Tumor Association) started this international commemoration day in the year 2000 as a tribute to all brain tumour patients and their families. It is celebrated annually on 8 June. It has now become a global activity and help raise awareness around the world. Learn more. 
  • World Oceans Day
    The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world’s oceans. Learn More:

June 8th Zodiac Sign

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini.
Gemini Horoscope Zodiac sign Twins Cell Phone Case

Time period: May 21 – June 21
Element: Air 
Ruling planet
: Mercury
Symbol: Twins
Zodiac quality: Mutable
Color: Light-Green, Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23
Personality Traits:
 Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.
Geminis like books and talking a lot and going on trips.
Weaknesses:  Geminis have a nervous energy, they can be inconsistent and have a hard time making up their mind. They don’t like routines, they get bored easy and they love being spontaneous.

June 8th Trivia

  • 1783 – Laki, a volcano in Iceland, begins an eight-month eruption which kills over 9,000 people and starts a seven-year famine.Joan Rivers 2010 - David Shankbone
  • 1900 – Lena Baker, African-American maid executed for capital murder of her white employer, later pardoned posthumously was born today.
  • 1933 –  Joan Rivers, American comedian, actress, and television host was born.
  • 1944 –  Boz Scaggs, American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born.
  • 1953 – An F5 tornado hits Beecher, Michigan, killing 116, injuring 844, and destroying 340 homes.
  • 1953 – The United States Supreme Court rules that restaurants in Washington, D.C. cannot refuse to serve black patrons.
  • 1964 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, “Chapel Of Love,” by The Dixie Cups.
  • 1972 – Nine-year-old Phan Thị Kim Phúc is burned by napalm, in the Vietnam War,OGrady-conference-bosnia an event captured by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut moments later while the young girl is seen running down a road, in what would become an iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo. See her interview about it here. 
  • 1975 – The #1 movie was, “French Connection II,” starring Gene Hackman.
  • 1984 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, Cyndi Lauper’s, “Time after Time.”
  • 1986 – The #1 movie was, “Top Gun,” starring Tom Cruise.
  • 1995 – The #1 movie was, “Congo,” starring https://smsPhoto Credit:
  • 1995 – Downed U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Scott O’Grady is rescued by U.S. Marines in Bosnia.
  • 2006 –  Elaine Davidson, a  Brazilian former restaurant owner has been pierced a total of 4,225 times as of June 8th making this a World Record. [GH]
  • 2007 – The #1 movie was, “Ocean’s Thirteen,” starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin, Vincent Cassel, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, Elliott Gould, Michael Mantell, Eddie Jemison, Casey Affleck and Don Cheadle.
  • 2009 – Two American journalists are found guilty of illegally entering North Korea and sentenced to 12 years of penal labour.
  • 2010 – Harbor, a seven-year-old Coonhound, set the World Record for having the longest ears on a dog measuring, 31.1 cm and 34.3 cm.Anthony Bourdain crop 2
  • 2016 – Hillary Clinton makes history, sealing Democratic nomination making her the first woman on a political ticket.
  • 2016 – A hacker briefly takes over NFL Twitter account posting false news saying that  Roger Goodell had died.
  • 2017 – James Comey’s opening statement began with the explosive testimony that the White House is guilty of defamation and lying. [source]
  • 2018 – Anthony  Bourdain , famous chef, author and tv personality took his life by hanging.
  • 2018 – 20 Years old actor, Jackson Odell, known for his role sin The Goldbergs passes away.

Sources for this article are: Wiki, Checkiday, and graphics by Cooltext and Pixabay.

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