All About October 16th

All About October 16th 

Holidays, Horoscope and Trivia

October 16th Holidays

  • Global Cat Day
    Global Cat Day on October 16th, raises awareness for non-lethal feline programs called TNR programs. These programs aim to reduce shelters and stray colony populations across the country. TNR programs trap feral and stray cats, bring them to the vet to be neutered or spayed, get vaccinations and then their ear is tipped are released back into the neighborhoods where they previously lived. The tipped ear lets people know that the cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Learn more here
  • National Cut Up Your Credit Card Day
    This year is ending and it’s time to stop adding to the debt of this year. So on October 16th you are encouratged to cut up those credit cards and start paying them down. <3 Easier said than done.It’s October 16th 
  • National Department Store Day
    So the holidays are ahead of us, so why not stop by a department store today to start off the shopping season. In this day and age of online shopping, it is the perfect time to get out and remember the atmosphere of a department store.
  • National  Dictionary Day
    National Dictionary Day is observed annually on October 16th, to celebrate the birthday of the father of the American dictionary, Noah Webster. Noah Webster was born on October 16, 1758, in Connecticut. So grab that dictionary because it is also National Learn a Word Day.
  • National Learn a Word Day
    It’s never too late to expand your vocabulary. Today on October 16th you are encouraged to learn at least one new word today. Here is an activity you can do with your children to help them learn new words.
  • National Liqueur Day
    Today on October 16th we celebrate Liqueurs. A Liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit and are flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers, or nuts.
  • Steve Jobs Day
    On October 16th we celebrate the life of Steve Jobs. Jobs was an inventor and businessman who was a co-founder of Apple and many other businesses. He died on October 5, 2011. A few days later governor of California proclaimed October 16th to be Steve Jobs Day. It is the date that Apple held a memorial service for him. 
  • World Food Day
    World Food Day is an international day celebrated every year worldwide on 16 October to commemorate the date of the founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. Learn more at
  • World Spine Day
    World Spine Day, on October 16th highlights the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world. Learn more at

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October 16th Horoscope is Libra

  • Date range: September 23 – October 22
    Horoscope Sign Libra Symbol Classic Round Sticker
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Pink, Green
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24
  • Personality Traits: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, stable, common sense, social but upsets easily, holds grudges, plays the victim
  • Famous Libras: Neve Campbell, Kate Winslet, Jesse Eisenberg, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Will Smith, Viggo Mortenson, Zac Efron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clive Owen, Hillary Duff, Tim Robbins, John Krasinski, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, Eminem, Elisabeth Shue and Gwen Stefani.

October 16th Trivia

  • 1793 – Marie Antoinette, Austrian wife of Louis XVI of France dies from beheading.
  • 1843 – Sir William Rowan Hamilton comes up with the idea of quaternions, a non-commutative extension of complex numbers.Angela Lansbury 1966
  • 1847 – The novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is published in London.
  • 1890 – Saint Maria Goretti, an Italian virgin-martyr of the Catholic Church, and one of the  youngest canonized saints was born in Corinaldo, Italy.
  • 1900 – Oscar Wilde, Irish poet was born in Westland Row, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
  • 1916 – In Brooklyn, New York, Margaret Sanger opens the first family planning clinic in the United States.
  • 1923 – The Walt Disney Company is founded.
  • 1925 – Angela Lansbury, English/American actress, singer is born in London, United Kingdom.
  • 1946 – Suzanne Somers, American actress and health advocate was born in San John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Peter Norman 1968crBruno, California.
  • 1947 – Bob Weir, American musician and  member of the band, “The Grateful Dead” was born in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1958 – Tim Robbins, American actor is born in  West Covina, CA.
  • 1962 – Flea, American-Australian musician and founder or Red Hot Chili Peppers band was born in Burwood, Australia.
  • 1964 – China detonates its first nuclear weapon.
  • 1968 – United States athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos are kicked off the US team  for participating in the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute.
  • 1973 – Henry Kissinger and Lê Đức Thọ are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1977 – John Mayer, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer is born in , Bridgeport, CT.Tim Robbins close up Tiff 08
  • 1984 – Desmond Tutu, a South African Anglican cleric and theologian known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1986 – Italian Mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, scaled the Lhotse, in Nepal. which is the world’s 4th tallest peak, and it is one of the 14 eight-thousanders – mountains that are more than 8000 meters above sea level.
  • 1995 – The  Million Man March, which, according to the National Park Service,  about 400,000 African-American men attended  takes place in Washington, D.C.

Million Man March Washington DC USA 09694 (22067754632)

Thank you to our sources for info and graphics: Wiki, Pixabay, Checkiday.

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