All About October 22nd

All About October 22nd

Holidays, Horoscope and Trivia

October 22nd Holidays

  • Eat a Pretzel Day
    October 22 is Eat a Pretzel Day, so do just that! Tell us your favorite kind of pretzel, hard and twisted, soft with cheese or mustard, sticks, nuggets or peanut butter filled?
    The  second holiday that celebrates those who write in all caps. In 2000, Derek Arnold, a software developer in Iowa, made October 22nd the day when everyone should write in all caps. Learn why here.
  • International Stuttering Awareness Day
    On October 22nd you are encouraged to lean more about stuttering. You can start here
  • National Color Day
    Today on October 22nd you are encouraged to learn more about colors and how the make us feel. 
  • National Knee Day
    Thanks to knees we can walk, stand, run, jump, crouch and many other actions, so today on October 22nd we celebrate them!
  • National Nut Day
    Today we celebrate pistachios, almonds, pecans and all the wonderful yummy nuts in the world. Liberation Foods created National Nut Day in 2016 as a way to advocate Fairtrade nuts and promote healthy living!
  • Smart is Cool Day
    Today is a good day to show off your smarts. So on October 22nd brag about your IQ tests, or your SAT scores or show off your good grades!

October 22nd Horoscope is Libra

  • Date range: September 23 – October 22
    Libra About You Pinback Button
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Pink, Green
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24
  • Personality Traits: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, stable, common sense, social but upsets easily, holds grudges, plays the victim
  • Famous Libras: Neve Campbell, Kate Winslet, Jesse Eisenberg, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Will Smith, Viggo Mortensen, Zac Efron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clive Owen, Hillary Duff, Tim Robbins, John Krasinski, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, Eminem, Elisabeth Shue and Gwen Stefani, Evander Holyfield, John Lithgow and Carrie Fisher.

First parachuter André-Jacques Garnerin by Edward Hawke Locker 1802Sam Houston c1850-crop

October 22nd Trivia

  • 1779 – French balloonist André-Jacques Garnerin  became the first man to parachute when he jumped out of a balloon over Parc Monceau from a thousand feet in Paris using Deepak Chopraa silk parachute that he made himself.
  • 1811 – Franz Liszt was a prolific 19th-century Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger, organist, philanthropist, author, nationalist  was born in Raiding, Austria.
  • 1836 – Sam Houston is inaugurated as the first President of the Republic of Texas.
  • 1877 – The Blantyre mining disaster in Scotland kills 207 miners.
  • 1879 – Using a filament of carbonized thread, Thomas Edison tests the first practical electric incandescent light bulb (it lasted 13½ hours before burning out).
  • 1907 – A run on the stock of the Knickerbocker Trust Company sets events in motion that will lead to a depression.
  • 1927 – Nikola Tesla introduces six new inventions including single-phase electric power.JeffGoldblum07TIFF
  • 1934 – In East Liverpool, Ohio, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents shoot and kill notorious bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd.
  • 1938 – Christopher Lloyd, American actor was born in Stamford, CT.
  • 1942 – Annette Funicello, American actress was born in  Utica, NY.
  • 1943 – Catherine Deneuve, French actress was born in Paris, France.
  • 1946 – Deepak Chopra, American-Indian author and spiritual motivations speaker was born in  New Delhi, India.
  • 1952 – Jeff Goldblum, American actor was born in West Homestead, PA.
  • 1964 – Jean-Paul Sartre is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, but tries to turns down the honor saying that he always declined official honours and that “a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution”
  • 1968 – Shaggy, a Jamaican musician, singer, DJ and former United States Marine. He is best known for his hit singles, “Boombastic”, “It Wasn’t Me”, and “Angel” was born in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • 1975 – Jesse Tyler Ferguson, American actor was born in Missoula, MT.
  • 1976 – Red Dye No. 4 is banned by the US Food and Drug Administration after it is discovered that it causes tumors in the bladders of dogs.
  • 2001 – Grand Theft Auto III was released, popularizing a genre of open-world, action-adventure video games as well as spurring controversy around violence in video games.
  • 2005 – Tropical Storm Alpha forms in the Atlantic Basin, making the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record with 22 named storms.
  • 2008 – India Launches its first Lunar Mission, unmanned space probe called Chandrayaan-1  and was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation.
  • 2017 – Paul Weitz, American astronaut passes away at 85 years old.
  • 2021 – Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, 42 and director, Joel Souza, 48, on the set of  movie, “Rust” accidentally with a prop gun, killing Halyna and injuring Joel. [NYT]

Annette Funicello Former Mouseketeer 1975MJK34539 Catherine Deneuve (Sage Femme, Berlinale 2017) crop

Thank you to our sources of info and graphics: Wiki, Checkiday, Pixabay and Cooltext.

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