All About October 7th

All About October 7th

Holidays, Horoscope and Trivia

October 7th Holidays

October 7th Horoscope is Libra

  • Date range: September 23 – October 22
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  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Pink, Green
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24
  • Personality Traits: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, stable, common sense, social but upsets easily, holds grudges, plays the victim
  • Famous Libras: Neve Campbell, Kate Winslet, Jesse Eisenberg, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Naomi Watts, Will Smith, Viggo Mortenson, Zac Efron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clive Owen, Hillary Duff, Tim Robbins, John Krasinski, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, Eminem, Elisabeth Shue.

October 7th Trivia

  • 1910 – The #1 song on the Billboard was Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Peerless Quartet.
  • 1912 – The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
  • 1931 – Desmond Tutu, South African cleric and activist was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa.
  • 1938 – The #1 movie was Stablemates.Mellencamp 354
  • 1942 – Joy Behar, American comedian and “The View” talk show host, was born in Williamsburg, New York City, NY.
  • 1951 – John Mellencamp, American musician was born in Seymour, IN.
  • 1959 – Simon Cowell, Television producer and notorious judge on American Idol was born in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom.
  • 1959 – The Soviet probe Luna 3 transmits the first-ever photographs of the far side of the Moon.
  • 1963 – President Kennedy signs the ratification of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
  • 1967 – Toni Braxton, American singer-songwriter was born in Severn, MD.
  • 1968 – The #1 movie was Coogan’s Bluff starring Clint Eastwood.
  • 1969  – The #1 song on the Billboard was Sugar, Sugar by The Archies.
  • 1983 – The #1 song on the Billboard was Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.
  • 1985 – The Mameyes landslide kills almost 200 people in Puerto Rico.
  • 1988 – A hunter discovers three gray whales trapped under the ice near Alaska; the situation becomes a multinational effort to free the whales.
  • 1994 – The #1 movie was The Specialist starring Sylvester Stallone.
  • 1996 – Fox News Channel begins broadcasting.
  • 1998 – Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten severely by two young adults in Laramie, Wyoming. Shepard’s murder brought international attention to hate crimes and on October 2009, the US Congress passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and on October 28, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law.
  • 1999 – The #1 song on the Billboard was Unpretty by TLC.
  • 2003 – The governor of California, Gray Davis, is recalled in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • 2016 – In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the death toll rises to 800.
  • 2018 – Hurricane Michael hit landfall and was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane in the contiguous United States in terms of pressure,  the strongest storm on record in the Florida Panhandle, and was the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane in the contiguous United States, in terms of wind speed. 54 deaths have been attributed to the storm, including 39 in the United States and 15 in Central America. Insurance claims due to Michael in the United States were at least $1.5 billion.

Thank you to our sources for info and graphics, Checkiday, Wiki and Pixabay.

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