April 18th Holidays, Horoscope and History

All About April 18th

Holidays, Horoscope and History

Happy April 18th! Thanks for stopping by Time for the Holidays! Today we will be discussing the history behind today’s holidays and observances. We will also talk about the traits of an Aries. And we will list today’s historical events, famous birthdays, popular music and movies and other fun nostalgic trivia. april-18th-holidaysg

April 18th Holidays

Today is full of many holidays! Some are serious awareness days while others are silly and quirky and just for fun. Come join us and pick a holidays to celebrate today!

  • Adult Autism Awareness Day
    There are a lot of observances throughout April to spread awareness on Autism. April 18th is Adult Autism Awareness Day.

    Adult Autism Awareness Day Button
  • International Amateur Radio Day
    Sunday, April 18, is World Amateur Radio Day (WARD). This marks the anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), founded at the 1925 International Radiotelegraph Conference in Paris. Learn more at www.arrl.org/news.
  • National Animal Crackers Day
    Today we celebrate those yummy little animal shaped cookies. 
    *  Stauffer Biscuit Company was the first to make animal crackers in 1871, and they still use the same recipe for their animal cookies to this day. 
    In 1902, Nabisco began selling what they called Barnum’s Animals. The circus-themed crackers were the first to be sold in a small, snack-size package; before then, all crackers were sold in bulk from a barrel (which is where the term “cracker barrel” comes from).
    * Nabisco’s version of the circus animal crackers have the wheels, handle and string is meant to be a Christmas ornament.
    * To commemorate the 100th anniversary of their crackers, Nabisco sponsored a name-our-next-animal contest in 2002 with the Koala Bear winning out.
    * In 2018, Nabisco made a new box with the zoo animals it used to have released from the cage of the train and set them free. The animals now roam freely in nature.
  • National Lineman Appreciation Day
    The U.S. Senate passed a resolution honoring linemen for their work in keeping the power on and designating April 18, 2013 as ‘National Lineman Appreciation Day.’ The bill was introduced by Sens. Isakson (R-GA) and Bennet (D-CO),  and passed by unanimous consent. It serves two main purposes – it “recognizes the efforts of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety” and “supports the designation of April 18, 2013 as National Lineman Appreciation Day.”
  • National Velociraptor Awareness Day
    Velociraptors roamed the Earth approximately 75 million years ago during the end of the Cretaceous Period. Henry Fairfield Osborn, the president of the American Museum of Natural History, came up with the name in 1924.  The name has Latin origins; Velox meaning swift, and raptor meaning plunderer.  It was a bipedal, feathered carnivore with a long tail and an enlarged sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot, which is thought to have been used to tackle and disembowel prey. Many recognize these dinosaurs from the popular movie Jurassic Park.
  •  Newspaper Columnists Day
    The National Society of Newspaper Columnists was founded in 1977 and sponsors National Columnists’ Day annually on April 18. On April 18th in 1945, Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent, Ernie Pyle, died while on assignment in Okinawa, Japan. National Columnists’ Day on April 18th honors all newspaper columnists and their contributions.
  • Pet Owners Independence Day
    Another day created by Ruth and Roy from wellcat.com, Pet Owners Independence Day is supposed to be a day to switch with your pet. Today, your pet has to go to work and earn the bucks while you stay at home and lounge on the couch.
  •  World Heritage Day
    Also known as The International Day for Monuments and Sites  is an international observance held on 18 April each year around the world with different types of activities, including visits to monuments and heritage sites, conferences, round tables and newspaper articles. The International Day for Monuments and Sites was proposed by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) on 18 April 1982 and approved by the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1983. The aim is to promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage of humanity, their vulnerability and the efforts required for their protection and conservation. Each year is a different theme Visit www.icomos.org/fr.

April 18th Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign for April 18th is Aries

  • If you were born today on April 18th then you are an Aries.ZODIAC ARIES Birth Sign POSTER
  • your personality is defined by your fun loving, optimistic and generous nature.
  • You love new experiences
  • Time period: March 20 – April 20
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Symbol: Ram
  • Zodiac quality: Cardinal
  • Birthstones: Topaz, Heliotrope, Sapphire, Jasper, Aquamarine, Diamond
  • Famous Aries: Lady Gaga, HughHefner, Jackie Chan, Leonard Da Vinci

April 18th Trivia

  • 1857 – “The Spirits Book” by Allan Kardec is published, marking the birth of Spiritualism in France.
  • 1906 – In a deviating San Francisco earthquake, 3000 people died.
  • 1909 – Joan of Arc is beatified in Rome.
  • 1917 – The #1 movie was, “The Poor Little Rich Girl.”
  • 1947 – James Woods, American actor was born in Vernal, UT.
  • 1949 – Ireland besmear an independent republic.
  • 1956 -The Prince of Monaco Rainier III and  US actress Grace Kelly tie the knot.
  • 1956 – Eric Roberts, American actor was born in Biloxi, MS.
  • 1961 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, “Blue Moon, by The Marcels.
  • 1963 – Conan O’Brien, American television host was born in Brookline, MA.
  • 1971 – The #1 movie was, “Summer of ’42.”
  • 1972 – Rosa Clemente, American journalist and activist was born.
  • 1976 – Melissa Joan Hart, American actress was born in Smithtown, NY.
  • 1976 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, “Disco Lady.” by  Johnnie Taylor.
  • 1979 – Kourtney Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1983 – A suicide bomber in Lebanon destroys the United States embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people.
  • 1983 – The #1 movie was, “Flash Dance,” starring Jennifer Beals.
  • 1984 – America Ferrera, American actress was born in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1986 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, “Rock Me Amadeus,” by Falco.
  • 2000 – The #1 movie was, “U-571.”
  • 2007 – The #1 song on Top 40 Billboard was, “It’s Not Over,” by Daughtry.
  • 2012 – Dick Clark American television host, producer, passed away.

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