Baby Boy Blue Themed Baby Shower


Planning a Blue Themed Boy’s Baby Shower?

Are you or your friend expecting a little baby boy?

Planning a baby shower is really fun! There are lots of little details that are easy to forget so we put together a list to help you.

Baby Shower Checklist

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Guest List

So the first thing you have to consider for your baby shower that you are planning is the guest list. You will have to put together a list of mom and dad to be’s friends, family, co workers and neighbors. It is a good idea to get a notebook or baby shower planner to start planning this stage and keeping track of all this information. It is also a good idea to keep the list the addresses you gather for invitations for later use for the “mom to be” when she has to send “thank you” notes.

It’s a good idea to get a Baby Shower Planner to help keep your party planning organized.

Invitations for a Blue Themed Baby Shower

There are so many cute styles for baby boy showers. Look through some baby shower  invitations to help you pick the theme you want. Even though you have already picked “blue” you can still add whales, nautical, elephants or so  many other ideas to your baby shower theme.


One of the funnest part of planning a baby shower is picking out the decorations! There are a ton to choose from at local stores or online. Some fun decorations are balloons, baby banners, confetti,  swirlies, flags,  table centerpieces. Check out some of the ideas below or click here for blue baby shower decorations!


There are a lot of fun baby shower games to choose from. And it’s a great way to get guests interacting and to get to know everyone if there are some people there that aren’t family. Don’t forget to get a couple little prizes for whoever wins the games too, such as a candle, gift basket, chocolate or coffee mug.

Here are some fun games to play:

For the Mom to Be

Don’t forget to decorate the mom-to-be! They have fun sashes and crowns and buttons! You can also get one of these for other family members you want to make feel special too such as grandma, aunts and big sisters or brothers. Check out these Mom To Be Sashesbuttons and Mom To Be Tiara.

Plates, Napkins and Cups

Another fun part of baby shower planning out some cute plate sets. You’ll need dinner plates, cake plates, napkins and tablecloths to add to the fun theme you pick out. These below can all be bought online and you can personalize some of these with your own information, such as “Johnny’s Baby Shower.” Click Here to see all the Different Baby Shower Paper Plate Sets.

Diaper Cakes

One of the new trendy things to get as a decoration/gift for a baby shower is a diaper cake. Here are some fun ones you can order online below. Click on each diaper cake for prices and details.  Click Here to See more Baby Diaper Cakes.

Candy Buffet Table

Another trend is having a candy buffet at your baby shower either instead of a cake or along with the cake and cupcakes. It is so fun and adorable to set up a candy table iwth pretty glass vases, and all the fun nostalgic candy to remember from your childhood! Add a nice whimsical touch to the baby shower and you can put out some adorable candy favor bags for your guests to take a little treat home with. Other fun tables are dessert tables, cupcakes tables, ice cream bars or popcorn tables. Check out the Baby Shower Candy.

Well we hope that your baby shower turns out nicely and everyone has a lot of fun! Good luck to you and congratulation to the Mom to Be!

Blue Candy Buffets


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