Baby Girl Owl Themed Baby Shower

Owl Themed Girl’s Baby Shower

Planning an owl themed baby shower for a little girl? Here are some helpful guidelines and tips for the perfect party! We hope it helps you.

Baby Shower Checklist

Owl Baby Shower Invitations
Owl Themed Baby Shower Plates
Owl Baby Shower DecorationsOwl Baby Shower BalloonsOwl Baby Shower BannersOwl Baby Shower CupcakesOwl Baby Shower Candy
Owl Baby Shower Games
√ Baby Shower Owl Favors
Owl Confetti
Baby Gifts

Baby Shower Planner Guide

Baby shower planners are very helpful. It is nice to have a guide to help you keep track of everything such as the details like guest lists and their address to send invitations and thank you notes, which games you want to play, menus, locations, themes, ideas and for keeping track of who gets mama what when she is opening the gifts.

Baby Shower Theme

You will need to think about what decorations you will need. Will it be inside, or outside? How many rooms do you need to decorate? You will need things like a baby shower owl
owl baby shower plates, cups, napkins,
 balloons, streamersbaby shower candy for a Buffet Table if you are having one.

Baby Shower Decorations

There are lots of fun decorations for any baby shower theme, but for owls, they are just adorable! You can use a pink, purple, or neutral theme. Some of the fun decorations to remember are  baby shower owl banner, balloons, streamers, hanging swirlies and confetti. Click here to see some pictures from other “Owl Themed Baby Showers.”

Baby Shower Games

Next think about what games you’d like to play. Who is on the guest list? Are they are a silly bunch that would have fun with the games such as the Poopie Diaper games,  or are they more restricted and would rather have the traditional games such as,  guess how big the  mommy’s belly is type of games?

Baby Shower Menu

You will have to think about what menu will be right for your baby shower. Are you planning on a full meal, snacks,
cookies, cupcakes or cake? Maybe a smaller cake with a cupcake tower? Will the men be at the party? If so, would they be up to grilling out? Or will it be more formal? Most just have a snack table, candy buffet and a cake or cupcakes.

Thank You Notes

Don’t forget the thank you notes! The mom to be will want to write everyone and thank them for coming to her shower and for their gifts. Make sure to have a page in your planner for writing down who shows up and  what gift they each give. It will be so busy and go so fast that you won’t remember everything. So assign someone to take notes during the gift opening.


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