Baby Shower Bingo

Are you planning a baby shower and trying to figure out some fun games to play with the guests? Here are simple step by step directions to playing Baby Shower Bingo.

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo

Step 1:

You can either make BINGO cards or you can purchase them online. If you make them, write down words in each square on the card. Commonly people will use the  fill in the words related to what gifts you think mom will get, such as diapers, onesie, pacifier.

Step 2:

Pass out the BINGO cards to the guests at the baby shower.

Step 3:

Mom starts to open her gifts. Each time she opens one everyone marks off that gift on their card.

Step 4:

 As soon as someone gets a line scratched off either up, down, diagonal or across they yell  out BINGO!

 Step 5:

The winner usually receives a gift such as a gift basket or box of chocolates.

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Have fun! Congratulations on the soon to be arrival!

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