Baby Shower Diaper Games

Funny Diaper Baby Shower Games

If you are looking for something truly silly and fun, and a little bit more edgy then the common baby shower games, here is the game for you.

There are several ways to play diaper games, and usually any of these kits that you order will come with instructions for a couple different ways to play. The most common and fun way to play is to order one of these Diaper Game Kits. Then purchase about 10 different types of candy bars. One of those bags of Assorted Miniatures Candy Bars will work well. 

Unwrap the candy bars and let sit in the diaper. You may want to warm it up a bit in the poopiemicrowave for a couple seconds, then put it in the diaper.

Next, the guests get to guess what candy bar was in each “dirty diaper.” So make sure to make it funny by getting different candy bards, with nuts, coconut, or whatever else will give the “poop” a gross texture. The guest can taste, smell or touch the poop to try to figure out what it is.

Whoever guesses the most correctly wins a prize such as a   Manicure Set, Country Gift Basket or something fun.

Here are some diaper kits below, of course you can always use regular diapers too.

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“Polar Pals” Gift Basket

This adorable Baby Aspen’s gift basket is the perfect winter surprise! Adorn with a cuddly penguin and a cover with an adorable polar bear and a hat with white fuzz and covers for the ears adorns the penguin–this is a great gift for that winter baby!.. Features and Facts:Color(s):WhiteMaterials:Faux Fur with ribbed velour Details:Stunning snow white-on-white, luxurious faux-fur, sleeveless snuggle sack with ribbed-velour tummy and halter bearing an applique that says “”Beary Snuggly””, easy-zip bottom for speedy changing, and snap closures at the shoulders; polar bear. Size 0-6 months.Size:Size 0-6 monthsPackaging Dimensions: N/ASelling Unit: 1Minimum Quantity W/O Personalization: N/AMinimum Quantity With Personalization: N/A

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