Baby Shower Protocol Q & A

Baby Shower Questions and Answers

Here is a list we compiled of the most commonly asked questions about Baby Showers. Hope this helps you in your baby shower planning! If you have a question that is not on this list, please place it in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by!

Is it ok to have men come to the baby shower?

Back in the old days, no. Usually men didn’t come to baby showers. But in this day and age, yes! It’s totally ok to have boys, men and kids at baby showers. Many people are finding it is fun to have the men help out and get some bonding time in too with the other dads and sometimes long lost buddies! You can put them men to work barbecuing or you can send them off fishing. However you want to involved them, is totally acceptable nowadays.

How long do baby showers last?

It will of course depends on many things, such as your venue, time of the baby shower and who’s coming. It is common for a baby shower to last 2 – 3 hours. If you are at a restaurant or rented a hall, this might be cut down a little shorter to 1 – 2 hours. Or if you are having a cook out in a backyard it can go on all afternoon!

What kind of food do you serve at baby showers?

If you plan on having a baby shower around lunchtime or dinnertime, then yes you should provide a meal. Taco Bars, grilling out, a crock pot of chili are some fun ideas. If you are having it in the afternoon then just having a dessert bar is fine. You can always add in some finger foods too for fun! It is very popular right now and trendy to have a candy table. You can find some fun candy buffet dessert table themes here. Most baby showers have a cake or cupcakes as a centerpiece for their dessert table.

What are some common trends for baby showers now?

Some of the fun things people are doing at baby showers are…

What are Popular Themes for Boy Baby Showers?

What are Popular Themes for Girl Baby Showers?baby shower wine bottles

Is it possible to throw a Gender Neutral Themed Baby Shower?

Yes, of course. Though most people find out the sex of the baby ahead of time nowadays, not everyone does, or some might but want to keep it a secret. There are plenty of gender neutral colors and themes. Here are a couple ideas for you.

What are Popular Baby Shower Games?

There are a lot of fun baby shower games to play. Lately the trends have been with the smelly poopie diaper baby shower game where you use candy bars to mimic poop and guests have to smell and taste the “poop” to guess which candy bar it is. Baby Shower BINGO is always popular too. You give each guest a blank card and let them write in words guessing which gifts the “mom to be” will open. As she opens the gifts they mark off the ones they got right. The first to get BINGO wins!

Here are some other fun baby shower games.Pink candy buffet, vintage baby themed

Is it Rude to Tell the Guests what the “Mom to Be” needs or wants?

No, not at all. In fact most people prefer this. In this day and age there it not a lot of time for shopping and malls, so a lot of people turn to online shopping so making a baby registry is a “must do” at most baby showers.


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