Baby’s and Sign Language

Hi there parents,

Today we would like to talk about the benefits of teaching a baby to sign. We are learning the benefits of teaching our children sign language at an early age for many reasons.

  1. It helps build the gap between not being able to communicate verbally yet wanting to tell your mom or dad what you need. Babies have their ways of letting you know and sometimes a gesture is easier for them then a word.
  2. Some babies are born hard of hearing or deaf and it will be their  main way of communicating for the rest of their life. Teaching them early on is important. Teaching your child signing can bring the hearing and non hearing children together so they can learn from each other. Joseph Garcia, an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, conducted research which sing-with-babiesshowed that babies who are exposed to signs “regularly and consistently” at six to seven months of age can begin to use the signs effectively by their eighth or ninth month.
  3. Signing seems more personal sometimes then speaking. You have to make a lot of eye to eye contact and really pay attention to what the other is signing. You can’t be looking down at your phone or distracted by doing something else. You have to pay attention to the other person.
  4. Learning American Sign Language (ASL) is something that baby and parent can do together. This will create a bonding and help expand both of your communication skills.

A great way to help teach our kids signing is through music.

We recommend subscribing to “Signing Time” on this Youtube Channel:
Funtastic TV

Here are some books that may be helpful too.

Baby Signs

My First Signs (Baby Signing)

Baby Signing Time Vol. 1 – It’s Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time DVD Vol. 1: It’s Baby Signing Time with Music Cd

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