Bat Appreciation Day

Bat Appreciation Day

(National Bat Appreciation Day. International Bat Appreciation Day)

April 17th is Bat Appreciation Day. This day is for recognizing the roles bats play in our lives. April is a good time to observe this holiday as it is the month that bats emerge from hibernation.

Here are some fun “Bat Facts”

  • Bats can live between 20 – 40 years. Lesser short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis)
  • There are 1,240 species of bats.
  • Bats are nocturnal.
  • Most bats hibernate but a couple breeds such as the spotted bat  migrate instead.
  • Bats are the only mammals able to fly.
  • Bats can see in the dark.
  • Bats have extraordinary hearing.
  • Bats use echolocation, which is the location of objects by reflected sound.
  • Over 300 species of fruit depend on bats for pollination.
  • The giant golden-crowned flying fox is one of the largest bat species in the world. It is among the heaviest of all bat species, with bats weighing up to 3.1 lb.
  • Most bats feed on insects, while others eat fruit, fish but some feed on blood, known as vampire bats! 
  • Vampire bats can carry rabies, making their bites potentially dangerous. But don’t worry too much, fewer than 10 people in the last 50 years have contracted rabies from North American bats.
  • Owls, hawks and snakes eat bats.
  • Millions of bats have died from a fungus called White-Nose Syndrome.
  • Each night bats eat their body weight or more in insects.
  • At least 13 types of U.S. bats are endangered, and more are threatened. Learn more about bat conservation at the ESA.
  • Bats keep warm by folding their wings around them, trapping air against their bodies for instant insulation.
  • Bats have only one pup a year.
  • An anticoagulant found in vampire bat saliva may soon be used to treat human cardiac patients.

Thank you Pixabay for use of free pictures.

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