Celebrating #covfefe

donald trumps midnight tweet

 #covfefe: The Alternative Coverage

Last last night on May 30th, 2017 President Donald Trump decided to tweet. His tweet read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Now you can imagine the Twitter storm that ensued after this random nonsensical tweet. What can it mean? We are guessing he meant to type, “coverage” but who knows. This is Donald Trump we are talking about here. Even if the word, “coverage” made it to his tweet, it still is not a normal sentence.

So we are left to speculate and wonder. Is he drunk? Is he having a stroke? Is he on Ambien? Did he fall asleep mid tweet and auto correct took over? Did someone hack his Twitter account? My guess, is this will be the most tweeted word ever after last night. America, and probably many parts of the world, simply did not sleep in anticipation of the funny #covfefe comebacks that ensued. Of course there is a part of us, after all the  laughter that all of sudden realized, wait, this is our president. This is the man who holds nuclear codes, the man who has our lives in his hands on a daily basis. Scary.

Another odd thing happened, noone deleted it all night. Where is his staff? They have to know by now they need to always be looking over the POTUS’s shoulder to make sure he’s not giving away secrets or attacking some civilian or celebrity on Twitter by now. I’m sure this is someone’s full time job now. Why was this left up for so long? It took nine long hours before that tweet was deleted. Read this list of funny Donald Trump’s Tweets.

Another question, when will we find out what it means? In the meantime, check out these hilarious guesses to what #covfefe actually means!

The Tweet that Kept the World Awake

ambien stroke drunk tweeting potus

And the Tweets that Followed

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