Christmas Gifts for the Homeless

We hope this inspires others to help someone this holiday season. If we all just picked one person to “help” this year with a gift card, a meal, a surprise gift, it would make the world that much  more a better place, even if just for that moment. It will also help renew someone’s faith in humanity.

Important Links on How to Help the Homeless

35 Ways on How To Help the Homeless

Donate to or join the council of National Healthcare for the Homeless Council

Help someone find a Homeless Shelter near them that takes pets

Homeless Shelter Directory

Women’s Shelters

Help someone find a Food Pantry

How you can Help: National Coalition for the Homeless

Reaching out and helping the homeless

9 Ways you can Help the Homeless

By Shopping Through Amazon by Clicking Here you are helping someone with Lyme Disease.

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