Cool Face Painting Ideas


Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas

Here are some fun Halloween make up ideas for you to try this year! If you see something you like, click on their blog for more instructions! If you have a picture you’d like to send us, Send it Here, along with a link to your blog and we will post it for you.

Scary Clown Make Up
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Two cool elvelike Make Up Ideas



Cool Cat Makeup
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Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Face Painting for Kids
Face Painting for Men

Youtube Tutorials

5 thoughts on “Cool Face Painting Ideas”

  1. The face pain idea at the top. How did you make the pupil look so small and make the colored part of the eye go away? cool!

  2. I am now a follower of this blog. I was so excited as early as now to come up with a nice halloween get up and make up for Halloween 2014. Please let me pin any photos from your blog to my Pinterest board of best Halloween makeup ideas and face paint tutorials. please please please. I like it to share to my followers thats why. Keep on sharing interesting articles and good day ahead!
    Best Halloween Makeup Ideas

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