Cool Halloween Props

Are you planning a Halloween party?

Do you want your house to stand out among the neighbors? Well here are some fun props. If you are interested in any of them, just click on the picture for details and price.

Light Up Talking Eyeball Doorbell

Mount this on any door inside or outside and watch as the giant lid opens to reveal a creepy lighted green eyeball that moves back and forth as a ghoulish voice spews scary haunted sounds! Fun animated Halloween Prop!

Check out the Light Up Talking Eyeball Doorbell – Haunted House Halloween Party Prop.

Crawling Mummy

Creepy realistic  crawling Zombie will freak out all your guests this Halloween! This is an animated prop that  actually crawls along toward you! The eyes light-up red for a very  spooky effect! It is about 2 feet long.

Check out more Crawling Zombies.

Interactive Mummy in Swinging Hammock

This Interactive Skeleton in Hammock brings a very creepy feeling to your porch or yard. It is sound-activated and this one-legged skeleton comes to life when someone makes a sound. The breathing is animated and you can hear sounds of snoring and breathing. This is a great Halloween prop for inside or outside.  Hammock spans 8 feet long. Skeleton, 30″ x 9″ x 4-1/2″. Check out the:

 Interactive Skeleton in Hammock spooky Halloween decoration sound-activated

Standing Animated Doll- Freaky!

Dolls are always freaky! But when they move it is even more freaky. Perfect creepy prop for your Halloween party. Stand her on the front porch or put in the corner of the room and watch her freak everyone out! Each Standing Animated Doll measures 29 1/2 inches high x 27 inches wide and is made of iron wire, vinyl, polyester and cotton.

Standing Animated Doll Halloween Decoration

Limbless Libby
What’s a Halloween Party without her?

Limbless Libby is a life-size legless animated prop. This freaky female cadaver is holding her walker and she rocks from side to side as if she is trying to come after you.  She will definitely freak out any guests walking by her!

You can find Limbless Libby Here.

Heads in Jars!

What could be creepier then a head in a jar on a shelf or counter, or even worse on the bathroom sink or back of the toilet staring at you!! Gross and freaky!

Find More Head in Jars Here

Animated Flapping Bats

You just can’t have too many animated bats hanging around your Halloween party or front porch! It’s really awesome to look up as seeing a bat flapping it’s wings above your head!

Check out more Animated Bats Here

Mini LED Projector with Halloween Symbols

Last year at Chistmas we saw some really cool lit up houses thanks to these awesome light projectors. Now they have them for Halloween too! Check them out!

Click Here to see some Halloween Light Projectors

Creepy Halloween Signs

Vampire Bat Blood Halloween Print 

Don’t Forget the Treats!

Make your own with these Spooky Labels

Here are some fun labels you can put on soda bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles or any kind of bottles you have to give them a spooky Halloween theme!

Halloween Balloons

Halloween Plates and Napkins

Halloween Shots

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

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