Dealing with Coronavirus – The Things We Can Control

Taking care of your Corner of the World

2020, a year of outrageous politics, emerging diseases, mass chaos, social internet stress, learning to live through pandemics. Things feel like they are spinning out of control. It is such a stressful time for everyone. And ironically stress messes with our immune systems and health. How do we keep a balance on our energy and stress levels?

As I sit here watching what is happening in the world, Coronavirus pandemonium, and looking at my own reactions, you can see stress rising, everyone basically “losing their shit” and with social media, the tension being heightened more and more everyday.

What can we do to balance this? How do we keep our sanity? I would say let’s put things in perspective, but actually right now, the reality is pretty harsh. So what can we do?  Maybe, we can start easing stress just a little bit by just taking care of ourselves first, then branching out to our own little corners of the world, and hope our actions spread like a ripple through humanity right now.

What we can do for Ourselves and our Own Little Corner of the World:

The Things we can do for Ourselves

  • Learn how to wash your hands properly and then practice it.
  • Keep your house sanitary.
  • Travel less.
  • Stay home if at all possible.
  • Work a little online for some extra cash. Here are some online survey and gift card sites. 
  • Stay away from groups of people.
  • Limit yourself to your own family group.
  • If you have symptoms, self isolate.
  • Be reassuring to yourself and others.
  • Educate yourself but also take breaks when needed. (from news and social media)
  • Do some normal activities. Garden, watch your favorite sitcom, listen to music.
  • Take this time to finish projects around the house.
  • Be creative, paint, draw, sew, craft, build.
  • Appreciate the extra time spent with your children. Make crafts, draw, have fun with glue and glitter! Kids are so excited to have this one on one time with you!
  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to.

The Things we can do for Our Little Corner of the World

  • If you sew, this is a great time to help those in needs by making masks for health care workers or really for anyone.
  • Keep in touch by sending positive messages or phone calls to family and friends.
  • Reassure our children, parents and friends we will get through this together.
  • Call all your mortgage companies, landlord, car loan lenders and see if you can get the help you need in lowering payments or deferring them.
  • Start a group on FB to virtually check in on neighbors in your neighborhood so the community can make sure everyone’s needs are meant.
  • If you have extra items you don’t need, then put toilet paper or other goods in a box at the end of your yard in a box with a sign for those in need to take.
  • If you still have to work, keep things as clean as you can there.
  • If you you are financially stable and would like to donate to causes, there is a good list on this page. 
  • If you want to support local businesses, then order gift cards for when they are open again.

Please add your suggestions below in the comments on how we can help make our own little corner of the world better. ♥

And if you have been touched by Coronavirus, if you are infected or know someone who is, please add your suggestions below too!


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