DIY Ring Toss for Weddings of Birthdays


Do It Yourself Ring Toss

do it yourself instructions for making a vintage ring toss game for a wedding

This project is really fun and cute to make for a wedding or birthday party. It’s expecially cute if you are doing a shabby chic of vintage theme.

Step 1

Start with buying a plain wood crate at your local craft shop or on Ebay or Amazon.

Step 2

Collect some empty glass bottles and paint them whatever colors you like. For ours we painted a base coat of white. Let it dry, then painted on top of it with pink. After drying we lightly sanded so the white shows through to give it that weathered or antiqued look.


Step 3

Pain the wooden crate with a base color. We used pink but use whatever color you like! Let Dry for at least an hour.


Step 4

Paint a coat on top of the base coat. We chose turquoise, but feel free to experiment with whatever color you’d like.


Step 5

Lightly sand the box now so that just enough color shines through, to give it a distressed look. Pay attention to corners and edges  where colors will shine through quite beautifully.

Step 6

Be creative and decorate the box however you would like. You can use lace or wooden hearts. We took two craft wooden hearts and Mod Podged vintage looking scrap paper over them. Then glue them on. with craft glue.




For the Hoops

For the hoops we just bought some needlepoint hoops, and wrapped them with strips of fabric.  We made three in each color for two different teams.


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