Do it Yourself Candy Buffet Instructions

nutsWould you like to recreate this beautiful candy display by Well click on the items below for details and price and see if you can put this lovely candy buffet together for you event!


There are 11 jars in this display. Of course you don’t have to get the exact jars. You can play around with styles you like.

It will probably cost you between $100 – $150 for 11 jars.


You will need about 5 scoops and 6 tongs. Luckiily you can get these usually in bulk and they are pretty cheap. It will probably run you about $20.00.


The top of the candy jars all are decorated with a cute orange ribbon. This will only cost you about $5.


At the ends of the table. on the bottom are two smaller glass flower vases.

This could cost you about $30.00.

On the top of the table, there are two tall vases. These will run you around another $30.


If you have fresh flowers, by all means use them. But if not, here are some artificial flowers to match your color scheme.

For the bottom vases.

This can cost up to $50.

For the top vases.

In the picture above it looks like they used a stemmed artificial flower, but we used garland. It’s just as pretty and a lot cheaper. You can get both of these for about $10.

Card Table

If you don’t have an extra table laying around that you can use. You can probably purchase a 4 ft card table for about $50.

Pink Table Cloth

You can probably find a pretty cheap majenta tablecloth for about $10.

Rose Petals

On top of the magenta tablecloth are scattered yellow rose petals. This can cost you about $5 – $10.


Ok, now for the fun part! The candy!
Starting from the left in the picture above.

Jar #1. Orange gumballs.

Jar #2. Yellow Gummies

Jar #3. Pink M&M’s

Jar #4. Orange Slices

Jar #5. Orange  Candy

Jar #6. Gummi Rings

Jar #7: Yellow, orange and pink Jelly Bellys

Jar #8. Pink Hearts

Jar #9. Pink sanding sugar

Jar #10.  Rock Candy

Jar #10. Peppermint Sticks

For amount of candy you will need click here.

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