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You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com?

Well you can! Just sign up and start earning points, otherwise known as “Swag bucks” by taking surveys, shopping online or using their search bar. You can even play games, watch videos or even sign up to get free samples to earn Swag Bucks.

My Own Personal Experience

First let me tell you a bit about myself. I used to be a caregiver at a nursing home for many years. I got really sick from a disease called Lyme disease. I became unable to physically work anymore.

It was hard making ends meet and I couldn’t physically work so I started learning some online skills. And when I say, “skills” I mean basic things that anyone reading this probably already knows but being a disabled grandma, computer skills were not always on the top of my list.

So anyways, I learned how to make some money online. I have a couple things I do but using Swagbucks is one them. Swag bucks is probably not going to make you rich of pay the bills, but what it does is let’s you build up “Swag bucks” and when you get enough, turn them in for gift cards. For me, this is great as I do most of my shopping online anyways. And there is pretty much any gift card you can imagine that you can choose from.

So when I wake up I start out by taking the “daily poll” for one Swag Buck. Then I start watching some videos, such as the news or funny videos and start earning points that way. I will play a game or two then see if there is any surveys that I qualify for. Sometimes you don’t qualify but you still get a Swag buck for trying.

My favorite gift cards are from Amazon because I do so much shopping there but there are so many to choose from. The last couple years I saved up through the year so I was able to get birthday or Christmas presents. Oh and by the way, shop through the SB links then you will get lots of credit and earn even more Swag Bucks.

Like I said, it won’t make ya rich, but you’ll have some fun, doing what you might be doing anyways like watching the news or shopping, but now you’ll be earning points while doing it!

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