Elephant Baby Shower for a Boy

Elephant Themed Baby Showers

Are you planning a baby shower and thinking about doing it in an elephant theme? It’s a cute idea, everyone loves elephants! Not to mention it’s cute for a boy or for a girl too! Here are some fun ideas and products for you.


Elephant Themed Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Boy Shower Invitations Elephant Theme
 Online Baby Announcements, Baby Shower Invites, eCards 
Elephant Themed Baby Shower Plates, Napkins and Cups
Elephant Themed Baby Shower Balloons
Elephant Baby Shower Decorations
Elephant Themed Tablecloth
 Elephant Baby Shower Games
Elephant Baby Shower Favors
Elephant Themed Cupcakes
Baby Shower Candy!

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Elephant Party Supplies

Baby Shower Planner

Get Started with a Baby Shower Planner Guide to help you remember everything you are working on. Number of guests, people’s addresses for the invites, what baby registry you are using, what food you will be having, cakes or cupcakes, and just all the general things you will need to keep track of.

Baby Shower Invitations

First on the a agenda is figuring out how many people to invite to the Baby Shower. Get a list of family, friends and anyone you think that needs to be invited. You might want to start a secret Facebook group to be able to invite people who will know who all should be invited and who their friends all are. But there are still older family members such as grandmas and aunt that will still need an old fashioned baby shower invitation. The invitations should be mailed out a couple months ahead of time to give everyone an early enough heads up.

Baby Shower Games

One of the funnest part of baby showers is to play the silly games. Think about what guests
will be there. Is it college buddies that are more apt to the funnier games, (like smell the poopie diaper) or is it mostly older relatives that might mostly like the traditional games? Or probably a mixture of both. Just pick a couple and have fun with it. Don’t forget to buy the prizes too for whoever wins! Some easy suggestions for prizes are spa gift baskets, chocolates and cute coffee mug.

Elephant Baby Shower Decorations

Generally you will need a Banner, Tablecloth, Plates, Napkins, Cups, Streamers, Balloons and
Table Centerpieces and Confetti. There are a lot of fun adorable decorations, especially in the elephant theme. Think about how many rooms need to be decorated. Is it inside or outside? Are you eating in a separate room or is it all in one room? Are there going to be little kids at the party? Do you need a pinata? Should it be cute and adorable and more classy and high end? Whatever type you decide to plan, we are sure it will be fun and turn out just perfect!

Food and Desserts

You will have to figure out if you want there to be a full meal at the baby shower, or will it be
snacks and a candy table?  And would you rather have a cupcakes
or cake or both? A lot of people are doing a smaller cake with a cupcake towers as it’s more affordable and very pretty!  If the baby shower is co ed you can always put the men to work grilling out! It will keep them busy and give them a chance to catch up with the guys.

Candy Buffet Table

If you do decide to do a candy buffet you will have to figure how much candy you need per
guest. Here is a helpful guide. Candy buffets are very popular right now and they are so gorgeous when done right! They add a perfect whimsical touch to any party or baby shower. Think about your theme colors, what type of candy you want, and don’t forget the glass jars to put it in along with the scoops! You will need some baby shower favor bags or candy boxes for people to put their candy in. Be creative, pick fun colors and you can find some really pretty jars at local resale shops!

Thank You Notes

Don’t forget to  keep track of all the guests and their gifts. You might want to assign someone to take notes in the baby shower planner of who bought which gift so the mom to be can send thank you notes later.

Good Luck, we hope your Baby Shower turns out well!
Send us pics so we can share your lovely party!


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