Fads of 2016

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Fads of 2016

What’s Cool? What’s Not?

Just like every year prior, 2016 is sure to bring us some surprises, joy, and probably some grief in the fads that arise. We will keep this page updated throughout the year of the fads we see coming and going. Let us know in the comments if we are missing any obvious fads you have noticed!

#1 Selfies

Ok selfies have been in style for awhile. But, you used to have to be a little discreet about them. Posting a picture of you in a bikini on the beach on vacation was a little self indulgent but had a purpose. You are saying, “Hey everyone, I am on vacation!” Nowadays teens and even adults will pose in front of mirrors and snap 20 pictures of slightly different poses or facial expressions and post them all onto ALL social media networks. Not to mention the ever growing need for fifteen brands of Selfie Sticks style=.


#2 E Cigs

E Cigs, they are soooo cool! And possibly hopefully better for you then smoking. Along with the health benefits comes a fun hobby. It is rare to not see someone standing on a corner, at break at work or at a party blowing a cloud to show off the vaping skills. E Cigs are definitely trendy right now. Another fun part of E Cigs is picking out all the fun flavors you want to vape. Who doesn’t want to try E Liquids such as Unicorn Milk Sugar Drizzle or Kryptonite?

#3 Orange is the New Black

If you post a poll on social media and ask what you should watch on Netflix, surely 9 of out 10 people will answer, “Orange is the New Black.” This drama about a women’s prison really took off and continues to get more and more popular as the months go by. So if you haven’t seen it yet, and you want to start a new series, check out Orange is the New Black style=.

#4 Game of Thrones

Another popular series that everyone is talking about, but NOT available, at least right now on Netflix, is A Game of Thrones style=. Game of Thrones became a hit series on HBO. It is based on the bestselling book, “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. This show is a suspenseful drama set in a fictional continent called Westeros.  People of all walks of life live together in a land where summers and winters  last for years.

#5 Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

Hulu is the new Netflix. There are good things and bad things about both Netflix and Hulu. But right now everyone is talking about Hulu. It has all the hottest and newest tv series. If you want to sign up, sign up here: www.hulu.com. But, Netflix has a lot of great original series. It has no ads unlike Hulu. It also has a lot of great movies. So if you want to sign up for Netflix sign up here: www.netflix.com. Now Amazon Prime has even more benefits but costs a little more a year. With Amazon Prime you get unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows, free Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases on Amazon and you can borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

#6 Snap Chat

Snap Chat is a strange mystery. Why is it so popular? Again, it’s a mystery. You pretty much send someone a picture and they have 24 hours to view it, then it deletes itself quickly never to be seen again. You can save it if you are quick, but chances are by the time you realized what the picture was it has already disappeared. Maybe this fad will be like itself, here one second and gone the next?

#7 Grain Free Diet

The health benefits of being gluten free have been known for awhile now. But eating completely grain free has become the newest fad in diet and health tips. Grain is said for the body to be hard to digest and can lead to inflammation so cutting it out has become the new trend.

#8 Leggings

Another strange trend that we never thought would come back after the 80’s fiasco where both women and men were fashionably cool when wearing them, is leggings.  But I guess we want every crack, crevice and cellulite dimple to be exposed so yes, we are all wearing leggings! And we are wearing them a lot. They can be really cute and stylish if worn under a long shirt. If only people all wore them under a long shirt! So if you want to jump on the bandwagon and be “in style” you better shop here for the Most Awesome Leggings on Amazon style=.

#9 Bernie Sanders

How can Bernie not be in style right now? We all love an underdog and with this botched election of crooked politicians and non politicians, why would anyone not be rooting for Bernie. His message is clear, he is a humanitarian. Always has been and always will, but as politics go, he doesn’t seem to have enough skeletons in his closet as the ones he’s up against so he didn’t win. But it was most awesome seeing so many fighting for him, watching his videos fighting for gay rights, and being arrested for protesting for civil rights and yes being Jew in public while running for President. How awesome is Bernie Sanders? If you want to show your support then click here.

#10 Long Boarding

Many teens are now starting the hobby of Longboarding. Longboarding is a lot more risky and competitive then regular skateboarding. Many kids are racomg down hill, with some riders at speeds more then 50 miles per hour. A longboard varies in shape and size and is more stable and sturdy then a skateboard. Shop Top Selling Long Boards Here style=.

#11 Disc Golfing

Disc golfing is a sport where you throw a frisbee like disc, into a chained disc basket style=. It is really popular with college kids and expanding more and more. You can find discing courses all over the United States now. Find a Disc Course near you!

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#12 Pokemon Go

Everyone is playing this. If you have a smart phone there is a high chance you are wandering around in your yard right now trying to find Spearow, Weedle or Rattata. Pokeman Go, in it’s first week of existence, has already surpassed Tinder in downloads. Learn more about it here.



Facebook is popular, Twitter is too. Instragram and Snapchat. Yep all of them are popular. But Pinterest is taking the lead on members growth of all websites so far. If you need to look up a new recipe, or your trying to figure out what color to paint your deck, or maybe you have an old pallet laying around you think should definitely be made into shelves…. where do you go to find the info? Pinterest, that’s where. It is also a hug lead for businesses too. This blog alone gets most of it’s traffic from Pinterest. Check out our Google Analytics stats for this month. Pinterest is 85% of our views.


Surprise Eggs & Toy Reviews

One of the  maybe strangest new trends is the surprise egg and toy review fad. I guess it was only a matter of time before toddlers became internet obsessed like the rest of us. It’s happened. If you just search for toy reviews and surprise eggs on Youtube thousands of these videos pop up. My grand daughter knows how to turn on my tablet, hit the Youtube icon and watch these videos for as long as I will let her. Kids love it, while for adults, it’s agony.

Watching some grown man who’s face remains unseen painfully slowly open 100 surprise eggs is mind numbing. You can hear him shake the egg showing there is some surprise withing. Then he pops it open and acts shocked at the little plastic toy that cost less then ten cents to make. He exclaims, “Wow it’s a frog!” Then you can hear some generic clapping and laughing in the background. Like the sound track to, “I Love Lucy.” As some little green plastic shape comes tumbling out that you really cannot decipher what it might be. But we will give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s really a cool green frog.

Then comes the toy reviews, someone opens a package, such as a doll, they hold the doll to the camera stating, “This is a doll.” Then they put it in water and pour paint over it or some kind of candy like M&Ms. You think I’m kidding? I’m not. This is real and it’s a fad right now.

Surprise Eggs!

David S. Pumpkins

By far the best trend of 2016 was brought to you by an SNL skit featuring a random man played by Tom Hanks, with two sidekick skeletons. It all started with a funny skit where a couple decided to go on a haunted elevator ride. Most of the floors feature a character names, David S. Pumpkins and his two sidekicks.

The husband and wife are confused not understanding the “scary factor” of David S. Pumpkins asking funny questions like, “Are you in a local commercial? ” As David S. Pumpkins finishes his scenes with the term, “Any Questions” the husband angrily yells out, “I have several!”

It is for sure one of SNL’s best skits ever.

fads trends of 2016

Tell us any Trends you are Noticing down in the Comments!


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