February 15th Holidays, Observances and Trivia

February 15th Holidays, Observances and Trivia

Books about Susan B. Anthony

February 15th Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

  • Date range: January 20 – February 18
  • Element: Air,
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Color: Light-Blue, Silver
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Personality Traits: Humanitarian, original, likes to be right, argumentative
  • Famous Aquariuses;   Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston,  Emma Roberts,  Denise Richards,

    Princess Charlene of Monaco, Shakira, Mischa Barton, Natalie Imbruglia, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys,  Abraham Lincoln, Galileo Galilei, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan, James Dean.

February 15th Trivia

  • 590 – Khosrau II is crowned king of Persia.
  • 1637 – Ferdinand III becomes Holy Roman Emperor. Picture of Susan B. Anthony
  • 1820 – Susan B. Anthony, erican women’s rights activist was born in Adams, MA.
  • 1862 – American Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant attacks Fort Donelson, Tennessee.
  • 1939 – The #1 movie was, “Jesse James.
  • 1951 – Jane Seymour, English Actress was born in  Hayes, United Kingdom.
  • 1955 – Janice Dickinson, American model, agent, and author is born.
  • 1960 – The #1 movie was, “The Last Voyage.”
  • 1965 – A new red-and-white maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.
  • 1964 – Chris Farley, American comedian and actor was born in Madison, WI.
  • 1975 – The #1 movie was, “The Towering Inferno.” Jane Seymour CUN Award Party 2009
  • 1985 – The Teenage movie, “The Breakfast Club” was released.
  • 1985 – The #1 song on the Adult Contemporary Billboard was, “Careless Whisper,” by Wham! Featuring George Michael.
  • 1987 – The #1 movie was, “Platoon.”
  • 1992 – Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is sentenced in Milwaukee to life in prison.
  • 1993 – The #1 movie was, “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray.
  • 2001 – The first draft of the complete human genome is published in Nature.
  • 2005 – The #1 song on the Adult Top 40 Billboard was, “Give A Little Bit,” by the  Goo Goo Dolls.
  • 2013 – A meteor explodes over Russia, injuring 1,500 people as a shock wave blows out windows and rocks buildings.
  • 2019 – President Trump declared a national emergency on the border with Mexico on Friday in order to access billions of dollars that Congress refused to give him to build a wall.

February’s Holidays, Awareness Events and Daily Observances

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