February 17th Holidays, Observances and Trivia

February 17th Holidays, Observances and Trivia

February 17th Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

  • Date range: January 20 – February 18
  • Element: Air,
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Color: Light-Blue, Silver
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Personality Traits: Humanitarian, original, likes to be right, argumentative
  • Famous Aquariuses;   Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston,  Emma Roberts,  Denise Richards,

    Princess Charlene of Monaco, Shakira, Mischa Barton, Natalie Imbruglia, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys,  Abraham Lincoln, Galileo Galilei, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan, James Dean, Ed Sheeran.

What do these Celebrities have in Common?

Ed Sheeran (8508821340)Vicente Fernández - Pepsi Center - 06.11.11Rene Russo 1996Michael Jordan in 2014Jason Ritter Paleyfest 2013Paris Hilton 2009Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2013

February 17th Trivia

  • February 17th Zodiac is Aquarius born and your personality is characterized by a romanticism, impulsiveness, and charm.
  • 1911 – In the USA the first electric self start was installed in a Cadillac By GM.
    1933 : After many years of prohibition, the US senate passed the Blaine Act which would  signal the end of prohibition after many dry years.
  • 1940 – Vicente Fernández, Mexican singer was born in Huentitán El Alto, Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • 1954- Rene Russo, American actress was born in , Burbank, CA.
  • 1962- Michael J. Jordan, basketball player was born in Brooklyn, New York City, NY.
  • 1967 : The Beatles release the double A-sided single in the United States with Penny Lane ( Paul McCartney ) on one side and “Strawberry Fields Forever” ( John Lennon ) on the other side.
  • 1980 – Jason Ritter, American actor and son of John Ritter,  was born in  Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1981- Paris Hilton, American Business woman was born in New York City, NY.
  • 1981- Joseph Gordon-Levitt was born in , Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1991- Ed Sheeran, singer and songwriter was born in Halifax, United Kingdom.
  • 2003 – Chicago Nightclub Stampede where sadly, 21 people were killed.
  • 2021 – As Texas is without electricity, Owners Ari and Blinera Isufaj of Bella Italia Ristorante and their staff made free meals for more than 500 people in Plano, Texas, amid the damaging winter storm. [Today]

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