February 27th Holiday List

February 27th  Holiday List

Here is a list of odd and unknown holidays for today!

  • International Polar Bear DayInternational Polar Bear Day February 27th Holiday
    Check out the activities for International Polar Bear Day on their Facebook Page.
  • National Kahlua Day
    The word “kahlua” means “house of the Acolhua people” in the Nahuatl language. A company named Domecq has produced the drink since 1936 and named it for the native people of Veracruz. Kahlua is made with rum, Mexican coffee, sugar, and vanilla.
  • National Retro Day
    Wear something retro, listen to something retro, watch something retro today!
  • National Strawberry DayNational Strawberry Day February 27th Magnet
    Yummy, yummy! Who doesn’t love strawberries! Eat some today!
  • No Brainer Day
    According to timeanddate.com this holiday was created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith in the United States as a way to remind people that most things are simple and that many problems we encounter daily have obvious and easy solutions. So relax and don’t think to hard today!

February 27th Horoscope is Pisces

Zodiac sign and horoscope symbol fish for Pisces Magnet

Time period: February 19 – March 20
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Ruling planet: Neptune
Symbol: Fish
Sign ruler: Neptune, Jupiter
Colors: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green
Best Partner Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
Traits: Emphatic, sensitive, truthful, compassionate, artistic, musical, spiritual. Also can be sad, a martyr, too trusting.

February 27th Trivia

  • 1700 – The island of New Britain is discovered.
  • 1932- English physicist James Chadwick was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the neutron on this day.
  • 1932- Elizabeth Taylor was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, United Kingdom.
  • 1933 – The #1 movie was, “Charlotte’s Web.”
  • 1934- Ralph Nader American lawyer, author, activist was born.
  • 1943- Non-violent protests in Berlin prevent the deportation of 2000 jews.
  • 1961 – The #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard was, “Pony Time,” by  Chubby Checker.
  • 1962 – Adam Baldwin, American actor was born in Winnetka, IL.
  • 1981- Josh Groban was born in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1983 – Kate Mara. American actress was born in  Bedford, NY.
    American actress.
  • 1984 – The #1 movie was, “Footloose,” starring Kevin Bacon.
  • 1996 –  The #1 movie was, “Up Close & Personal,” starring Michelle Pfieffer.
  • 1988 – The #1 song on the  Hot 100 Billboard is, “Father Figure,” by  George Michael.
  • 2010- A massive earthquake strikes Chile killing more than 500 people.
  • 2017- Warren Beatty accidentally announce La La Land won the Academy award but it was really supposed to be Moonlight.
  • 2020 – In the news is the spread of the Coronavirus, the lead of Bernie Sanders towards the primaries and another mass shooting in Milwaukee, Wi.

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