Five Fun Halloween Vacations

Halloween vacations

Thrilling Family Fun

Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere creepy for Halloween? Maybe Salem or Gettysburg, anywhere haunted would be fun! Explore scary good activities for this years Halloween celebration and choose from a great selection of fun activities, sightseeing tours and more.

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Five Fun Places to go for Halloween


New Orleans

New Orleans is called “The most haunted city in America.” Take a tour, and you be the judge!
With its colorful history and unique traditions, it is no wonder so many New Orleans homes and taverns have been investigated by paranormal investigators.

Anoka MN

“Halloween Capital of the World”

Anoka Minnesota was said to be the first original city in the US to have a Halloween celebration. It all started in  1920. The Halloween festivities  begin ten days before Halloween and includes pumpkin carving and costume contests,  parades, the Orange Tie Ball and many ghost tours. Also there are some real haunted locations in Anoka such as Billy’s Bar and the Jackson Hotel.Stop by and see what you think of the “Halloween Capital of the World!”

Salem, MA


Of course this would be one of the spookiest locations to visit. If you curiosity is getting the better of you and you want to see the place where the “witch trials” were held, you need to stop by Salem MA. There is lots of places for paranormal investigators to check out, but also lots of fun tourist attractions, including the witch museum. Fun photo places where you dress up like a witch and also lots of “witchy and monstery” figures walking around the streets as you dine or shop.

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Savannah, GA


Come to Savannah for the creepy atmosphere that is perfect for Halloween. Savannah is full of old mansions and huge old trees covered in Spanish Moss. Savannah was built on top of cemeteries and they claim there are many haunted houses in the area.

This is chalk full of great activities such as tours in Savannah for people who are potential ghost hunters. Make sure to check out The Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl and The Hearse Ghost Tour, graveyard tours, River Street and a visit to the Mercer Williams House the site of the murder in the true crime story, Midnight in the Garden of Evil.

Tombstone, AZ

 Ready for another haunted town? What about Tombstone AZ where the famous shoot out at the OK corral and the Boothill Cemetery took place? 

The Helldorado Days festival begins every year in the third week of October which is the week before Halloween so you will have a week long Halloween vacation. The Helldorado festival first took place in 1929, there is a parade, carnival and OK Corral Shoot-out re-enactment.

Some sights to make sure you check out here are Cochise County Courthouse, the OK Coral, Boothill Cemetery and the Bird Cage Theater which Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have done shows on.

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