Fun Fads through History

Fun Fads through History


The Conical Bullet Bra

Patti Page 1955

These pointy “bullet bras” started becoming popular from 1942 well into the 50’s after they were worn by celebrities such as Patti Page, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bard. They were supposed to represent feminism.


The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis - Poodle skirt


The Poodle Skirt

The actual first poodle skirt was created  in 1947 in the US  by a young  25 year old woman named, Juli Lynne Charlot.  Juli didn’t have much money but needed a Christmas skirt. She gathered felt and made the first skirt that eventually would catch on becoming  know as “Poodle Skirts.” Originally her skirts were  a dog-themed story telling skirt. her idea was to have e skirt with three dachshunds. The first dog would be a flirty female dog, the second  would be a snobby female dog,  and the third dog would be a male who liked the flirty girl dog, but as their leases were tangled, the male dog would be stuck next to the snobby girl dog. bBy the 1950’s Charlot had started her own factory  making skirts. Catalogs were started just for “Poodle Skirts” and they became iconic. Learn more here.

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