Fun Ways to Announce you are Pregnant

man kissing pregnant belly

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Honey, We’re Pregnant!

Here are five fun and creative ways to announce your pregnant to your husband, family or friends! Tell us in the comments below how you did it!

1.  Text your friends and family or post this on your Facebook Status.

 A bun in the oven photo.

theres a bun in the oven birth announcementf

2. Facebook Status:  

“Preheat oven 40 weeks. Insert bun. Set timer for Sept. 4th!!!”

“Eating for Two.”


3. Fortune Cookie Message

“You are going to be a Dad.”

you are going to be a dad fortune cookie

.4. Stick an Ultrasound Picture Frame on his Desk

with the message inside saying, “Coming soon.”

 5. Buy him a “Dad to Be” Shirt

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I’m going to be a sister/brother!


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