Funny April Fools Day Pranks!


20 Hilarious Pranks!

  1. Put cream cheese in someone’s deodorant.
  2. Take your partner’s cell phone and change your name to “mom” and send  strange texts.
  3. Put saran wrap on the toilet seat.
  4.  Put macaroni or bubble wrap under the toilet seat and when they sit it will sound like it broke.
  5. Sign them up for a new spiritual group.
  6. Give your buddy  a fake lottery ticket.
  7. Put a fake parking ticket on a co workers car.
  8. Put fake blood in someone’s shampoo.
  9. Text someone you have no plans with your estimated time of arrival.
  10. Put dye in someone’s toothpaste.
  11. Put toothpaste in the center of someone’s Oreos.
  12. Pretend your tongue is stuck to your coffee cup and then pull back leaving the Fake Tongue stuck to the cup.
  13. Leave a couple shocking pens on co workers desks and just wait.
  14. Plant a fart machine with a remote control under the pretty girl’s at work desk and use the remote to make farting sounds.
  15. Download the Crack Screen Pranks App on your roomates phone and act like you broke his screen.
  16. Offer your friend a piece of Shocking Gum and watch him jump.
  17. Get your boyfriend all riled up with the Prank Joke Pregnancy Test / Always Turns Positive.
  18. Leave a  Gross Fake Poo on the toilet at a party or in a public bathroom.
  19. Watch your husband pull away as he whistles loudly down the road with a Car Muffler Exhaust Whistle.
  20. Leave a package for your co worker on their desk and let them open it not knowing it’s a Surprise Snake Bite in Wooden Box Gag Gift Toy.

10 Funny  April Fool’s Pranks by Dennis Roady

Ed Bassmaster pranks store clerk with Ugly Face

Shampoo Prank at the Beach Showers

Magic of Rahat Shocking and Passing out in Drive Thru

Alien Chestburster Illusion Prank Adult Costume – LARGE – Morph Costume. by Morph Costumes

Jack Vale Elevator Farts

If you’d like a fart machine to do your own pranks then you  might want to get a Pooter!

Pranks and Magic Props

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