Funny Gag Gifts

Looking for a Funny Gag Gift?

Whether you’re doing Secret Santa, White Elf, or just looking for a funny birthday or “office” gift from someone, we have one for you! From playing gold on the potty to eating liquor filled marshmallows, there is something silly for everyone! Tell us in the comment below what the funniest gift you ever got was!

Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty is helping people with their poopie problems across the world. This squatty potty will help you assume the position nature intended  you to be in while pooping. The wonderful Squatty Potty, helping people poop around the world!

 qClyZComedy Ponchos

Yep, whoever you are buying these for is going to look pretty ridiculous. But it will crack everyone up and always will be a conversation starter, especially at 2am in a bar.


Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos – Oreo Cookies Bacon Dipped in Dark Chocolate 3 ct


Awkward Turtle – The Adult Party Game with a Crude Sense of Humor

Awkward Turtle is a word guessing game for people with a crude sense of humor and love of odd words.



Ok, everyone loves bacon.
Everyone loves Monopoly.
Nuff said.


Ass Blaster Hot Sauce Outhouse

Just because it’s name is “Assblaster” you should buy this. Seriously.


Rapid Ramen Cooker

The Ramen Noodle Cooker is a funny gift for a college roommate or for a secret Santa gift at an office party.  Secretly, who doesn’t want one of these?


 Boozy Marshmallow Set

Who would not want liquor injected into their marshmallows? Huh?? How bout that? Totally inappropriate yet perfect for the workplace!


Toilet Games

Shit N Stroke – Potty Putter Bathroom Golf
and BigMouth Inc Hook Line And Stinker Toilet Fishing Game

Why has noone thought of this sooner? Practice sports while on the toilet. Perfect. Is your golf fame slacking? Not catching anything with your buddies? Well, now you can practice every time your daily duty calls.


Beer Soap

Perfect, after you get done playing gold on the  potty, you can wash your hands with beer soap!

Beer Soap  makes a great gift for your favorite beer drinker, homebrewer, or yourself! Scent Descriptions: Oatmeal Stout – Amazingly delicious beer soap that smells like oatmeal stout beer, crushed oats, honey, and milk… but don’t eat it!

 qClyZSprinkles the Unicon unicorn shaker

funny gag gifts

Everyone loves unicorns that poop  Rainbow Sprinkles,
cute and sweet at the same time!


Unisex Chest Hair Couple Shirt Fancy Printing Crewneck T-shirt

Funny Kitchen Gadgets

Fun Drinking Games

Fun Hot Sauce Gift Sets

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