Grandma’s Review: Baby Food in a Tube



 What are we reviewing today?

Baby Food

I don’t know what the “official” name should be for this packaging. I just know that when my children were little all baby food was either homemade or came in a jar.

Now there are these fancy tube like containers and I have to say they are wonderful! They’re especially wonderful when travelling, away from home, outiside or just plain tired!

Now of course you can squeeze the food into a bowl, heat it up and feed them properly. But if you are like me and either on the go, or just really tired, then these come in very handy. We also love how many of them are organic!

My grandaughter loves them too! She is so excited everytime I grab one and give it to her. I think it makes her feel like a “big girl” when she can just hold it herself. My grandaughter has a funny quirk of not liking to be fed, she likes to do it herself and this saves on messes and makes her happy.

Her favorites are the meaty ones. The chicken and beef stews.

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