Grandma’s Review: Baby’s Book, “First 100 Words”

grandmas review of the book, Baby's First Words


What are we reviewing today?

Book: “Baby’s First 100 Words” by Roger Priddy

Description: A book with 100 color photographs of everyday items with the words underneath each item.

Actual Experience:

I would rate this book as: Awesome Sauce

I bought this book for grandaughter at Easter time. She is 1 year old. We sit and look through this book quite a bit. It is one of her favorite “go to” toys. She digs it out of her little toy box and brings it to me. She likes to point at the pictures and wait for me to say what it is. She tries to repeat the words. Funny, her favorite words seem to always start with a “b” and she tries to repeat those words more then others.


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