Grandma’s Review: DVD Players for Cars

Today we will be reviewing DVDs players for the car.

Now when my kids were little we didn’t have anything like this. The only way to really comfort a baby in the car was to stick a pacifier in their mouth and hope they would like it! These days there is so many ways to entertain a child. This DVD player in the car is one of them, that really works. 

I was skeptical at first, I mean at home my little granddaughter won’t sit in front of the tv for more then five minutes before she’s off to find something else to do. But now that my daughter put this in the van for her, she really enjoys it.

Ways to mount the DVD Player pictured below.

Ways to mount the DVD player.

Whether you are just running to the store or going on a long trip, I think this is definitely worth the money. Of course all babies are different, but it’s not a large investment, some are pretty cheap, so I’d say give it a try at least.

Also noteworthy, some of them come with dual screens, so while baby is watching the one hung on the back of the seat, your other child can watch the second one.


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