Grandma’s Review: Imaginarium Zoo Play Table

Imaginarium Zoo Play Table

When I bought this table, I was trying to find something that would inspire my grandchildren’s imaginations. I wanted something that would keep their attention for more then five minutes but be something that was creative and have them be able to both, play by themselves or be able to interactive with each other to learn to play together.

I think this was by far the best toy I could of gotten. This zoo table has kept both my granddaughters very busy and I think when my grandson is old enough he will love it too. It is gender neutral which is nice. It is good for all ages too. Both my one year old granddaughter and my three year old granddaughter love it. The instructions do say for children three and up so I supervise my one year when she is playing as some of the pieces are a small.

The table is big enough for each the girl’s to have their own corner to play in but it also encourages them to play together. There are a lot of little animals, penguins, lions, seal, zebra and peacocks to play with, along with movable pieces such as trees, icebergs and other fun stables for the animals to hide in or climb.

It comes with a bag to throw all the pieces in if you don’t want to just leave the pieces on the table.

Assembly was super easy. My daughter did it for me in about ten minutes.

So to Sum it Up

Pros: Grand kids love it. Favorite gift at Christmas.

Cons: Search different websites for different prices. (not really a con I guess, but a tip.)

Assembly: Yes, but pretty easy. About ten minutes and easy directions.


Imaginarium Zoo Play Table by Toys R Us

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