Grandma’s Review: LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

What we are reviewing today:

The Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

Grandma’s Opinion:

The reason I bought this kitchen set for her was personal. When I was little, this was my very favorite toy. I didn’t have one myself, but my neighbor did. Her dad set up her garage with a “pretend” kitchen, stove, frig and all fully stocked with “pretend” foods! It was one of the best memories I have from my childhood, and I wanted to make some fun memories for my grandaughter.

I picked this particular one because I liked all the drawers and baskets that it came with. In  other words, it has some extra storage for the fake foods and plates. It was hard, there are some really super cute retro ones that I would of loved too. But we went with this one.

There are a lot of bells and whistles on this too. The phone, microwave, stove all beep when buttons are pressed, and the pots boil and simmer. There is also a light above the sink.

Grandaughter’s Reaction:

She loves it! Her favorite toy I would have to say. She spends a lot of time “pretend” cooking and arranging her foods in the baskets. It’s adorable. Total win win.



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