Grandma’s Review: Melissa & Doug Diner

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Star Diner Restaurant

As soon as I saw this adorable fifties style diner kitchen, I knew I wanted to get it for my grandchildren!  Kids these days have so many toys and so  much of is it technological, and when I saw this, it brought me back to my own childhood. I remembered playing in a 
pretend makeshift kitchen that my neighbor’s dad had made for her. He had crafted a fake stove, refrigerator and counters. I can still remember the fake eggs and sandwiches and playing “chef” or “restaurant” as little girls like it was yesterday. It would be great if my own grandchildren could grow up with similar memories.

So I bought this Melissa and Doug Diner. I am so happy that I did. Both my granddaughters, ages 1 and 3 love it. One sits at the table while the other one cooks. The seats are stable enough to comfortably fit and hold both girls. Now when my three year old spends the night she sits there to eat dinner and breakfast. It’s so adorable.

So the front of it, as you can see from the pictures below, is a diner, with two small seats. It has an adorable little jukebox slot where you can put a plastic coin that comes with this set. 

The back side is a kitchen, with several cabinets, a frig, and a stove. All doors open and are nice for storage. There’s also a stove and really cute milkshake and soda dispenser.

The only things I can really complain about is there is a “chemically” smell to the particle board they use. I do have an illness that makes me over sensitive to smells…. so that might not bother others, but I do notice it and hope it will air out over time.

It would be nice if this came with some food or plates and pans, but it doesn’t. Melissa and Doug does have more really awesome diner food sets but of course is a bit pricey, but in the end I think worth it because they are very high quality. I admit I have ordered both, some Melissa and Doug sets along with some other lesser name brand ones that are a bit cheaper and more affordable. 

My daughter assembled this for me. There is no way I could of listed and held in the place the particle boards as they are heavy, but that being said it is good they are heavy as they make up the seating for the children. It definitely feels pretty stable. It took my daughter about 45 minutes to put together.I have to add the directions were cute, they had fun with them adding in silly puns and easy to follow.

So to Sum it Up

Pros: Cute, adorable, grand kids love it!

Cons: A bit smelly and pricey.

Assembly: Yes and will need some tools like a screwdriver.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Star Diner Restaurant

So, here are some pictures of my grand kids playing with this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Star Diner Restaurant.

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