Grandma’s Review on Animal Planet Grow Eggs

Animal Planet Grow Eggs

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about  these eggs…

The Good:
These eggs are great! I got them for my granddaughter and they are really cool and she plays with these animal toys all the time.

The Bad:
The only thing I didn’t like was that it took overnight for the eggs to hatch, and you know kids, they don’t have that much patience. My granddaughter wanted to just crack them open like all the other surprise eggs she is used to. I guess it’s a good lesson in patience. Also I ordered two boxes and at least two of the eggs arrived already cracked.

The Ugly:
When they do hatch they are really slimy and gross and I almost came on to write a bad review. But after letting them soak for a day or two you need to put them aside to dry for another day, it’s a process for sure.

Back to the Good:
Once they dry they are a rubbery like substance, and very fun for kids to play with and very cute. The  more they dry, the more they start shrinking again, and you can resoak them to make them larger again.

The Best Part:
And on top of that your purchase helps support R.O.A.R, Animal Planet’s project to make the world a better place for animals.

Here is a picture of the ones we got right after soaking them over night. They have turned out to be quite fun! The egg in the picture is not one of the ones that came with this set. I put it there just to show you a size reference to an egg.

hatching eggs suprise eggs for kids

surpise eggs for easter

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